Game Extractor is a powerful tool that lets you open and manipulate the archive files used in thousands of games. Most modern games have several large files that are used to store all the images, sounds, and other content used in the game. Game Extractor allow you to open these archive files, to view the contents and extract them to your PC.

Do you have a game that you want to examine? Open up Game Extractor and give it a try - there is support for thousands of games, covering PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. Games using the most popular gaming engines are supported, including some games built on the Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, and Value Source Engines. Even if your game isn't on the Supported Games list, download Game Extractor (Basic Version) for free and give it a try.

If you want something more, Game Extractor (Full Version) is for you. This comes with lots of additional features to make your life easier, such as the ability to edit and save archives for certain games. How about the ability to preview many image, audio, and 3D meshes without leaving the program, or displaying thumbnails of all images and meshes in an archive so you can quickly find the files you want to extract. If the game uses an unusual image or mesh format, you can even convert them to something else when extracting, such as JPG, PNG, or OBJ.

Whether you want to extract, unzip, unpack, convert, edit, decompress, view, or manipulate game archives, Game Extractor is the tool for you.

Opening an archive, showing the list of files.     Showing thumbnails for all the images in an archive.     Previewing an image, and options to convert it to a PNG image.     Showing thumbnails and a preview of 3D meshes.

Hover over a screenshot for a description of the functionality.

What version would you like? Game Extractor (Basic Version) is suitable for most users, it allows you to try it out on your favorite games, and is totally free! However, Game Extractor (Full Version) contains a number of features that make it better and more powerful to work with.

Basic Version Full Version
Read archives from over 4200 games. Yes Yes
Supports thousands of games from PC, mobile, and gaming consoles. Yes Yes
Extract files to your computer. Yes Yes
Add, remove, rename, and replace files in archives, then save them for use in your games. No Yes**
Preview image, audio, and 3D mesh files, including many game-specific formats. No Yes**
Convert game-specific images and meshes into standard formats like JPG, PNG, and OBJ. No Yes**
View thumbnails of images and meshes in an archive, so you can quickly find and extract the files you want. No Yes**
Format scanner, for finding images and audio in unknown and unsupported game archives. No Yes
Cost Free! Only US$10
Download from
GitHub or SourceForge
All versions require Java Runtime Environment 8 (32-bit Version).
The Full Version can optionally use FFmpeg and Java Media Framework to preview additional audio and video files.

**(Some of these features are only available in certain games. Refer to the Supported Games list below for further details)

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Download the latest version of Java (32-bit) from here, then double-click to install it.

Download the Game Extractor installer, then double-click to install it.

If you purchased the Full Version, the download link will be sent to you after your payment has been processed.

Run Game Extractor by choosing one of the links in your Start Menu.

Tutorial Documents

Here are some tutorials and guides to help you perform some common tasks in Game Extractor. These are PDF documents that will guide you through each task, with screenshots, and can be easily printed for reference if required. They are also available in the "tutorials" directory of Game Extractor.

Opening Archives and Extracting Files Basic Edit-A-File Tutorial Basic Replace-A-File Tutorial
Mass-Editing of Files in an Archive Filtering Files and Thumbnails Previewing and Converting Image Files on your PC
Using the Image Investigator

Video Tutorials

Here are some YouTube videos that walk through some common Game Extractor tasks.

Opening Archives and Extracting Files Previews and Thumbnails Replacing Files and Saving Archives


Here are some other common questions and answers:

Game Extractor doesn't work with 64-bit Java

Some users have experienced difficulty running Game Extractor when they have a 64-bit version of Java installed. If you have problems, try installing a 32-bit version of Java instead.

I tried to open an archive from a supported game, but it doesn't work.

Chances are that the plugin can only open some of the archives used in the game, which is often the case with archives from console games. Some PC games also use the same extension for different types of files - Game Extractor will only be able to open files that are proper archives.

Game Extractor may also have problems with archives in game demos or in illegal copies of games - this is because the archives are sometimes different to those used in the full purchased game.

Even though Game Extractor tries its hardest to open an archive correctly, sometimes it gets the format wrong. You can force Game Extractor to open the file in a particular format, which may work better. Click the "Open" button or menu, then choose the correct plugin from the list in the SidePanel (by default it says "All Files"). By choosing a plugin in this list, it forces Game Extractor to open it using this format.

How do I do _______ in Game Extractor?

Game Extractor has its own help file which will assist your understanding and use of the features in Game Extractor. To access the help, choose the 'General Help' option from the 'Help' menu. The Game Extractor help explains what each of the features do and how to use them.

Why are the filenames called "Unknown File ####"

Some archives do not store the name of the files in the archive, so Game Extractor assigns a numerical name to them. You can still extract the files as normal, but you will have to determine the type of file yourself. For example, many games use *.wav files for audio, and either *.png, *.bmp, or *.dds files for images - so when you extract the files you can try to rename them with one of these extensions to see if they work.

I extracted a file to my computer but I cannot open it.

Some games use encryption or compression in their archives. If you extract these files to your computer and you think they should be openable, then it is probably a compressed or encrypted file. Try opening the archive in Game Extractor and then preview the file from within the program - some plugins may make the file readable, or let you know what the problem is.

I edited and saved an archive, but it doesn't work in the game.

There are many reasons why an archive may not work - for example, many games check the archives are the right size and have the right date before they are loaded. At all costs - avoid overwriting your original game archives because you may have to re-install the game if it doesn't work. Also, altering original game archives could cause problems if you try to update the game or apply a patch. We unfortunately can't make any guarantees that the archives will work in your game - so by all means have a go, but if it doesn't work then make sure you have a backup of the original file.

Game Extractor has the ability to read and write archives from many different games. Game Extractor (Full Version) can also find common audio and image files stored within unknown archives, through use of the Format Scanner, and can also preview lots of common file types. Here is a list of games which are supported by Game Extractor.

PC Games
Nintendo DS
Wii U
XBOX 360

ReadWriteGameArchivesPreviews and/or Thumbnails
  140 *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  !Dead Pixels Adventure! *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  007: Everything Or Nothing [Xbox]*.viv
  007: Tomorrow Never Dies [PSX]*.bin *.tex*.bin_tex *.texpsx
  1 Screen Platformer *.audo *.win*.wav
  10 Second Ninja X *.audo *.dat *.win*.png *.wav
  100% Orange Juice *.pak *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  12 is Better Than 6 *.audo *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  15 Seconds *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  16bit Trader *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  1775: Rebellion *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  18 Wheels Of Steel: Across America *.zipfs
  18 Wheels Of Steel: Convoy *.scs
  18 Wheels Of Steel: Haulin *.scs
  18 Wheels Of Steel: Pedal To The Metal *.zipfs
  1812: The Invasion of Canada *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  187 Ride Or Die *.mfd
  20 Minute Metropolis *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  2000 to 1: A Space Felony *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D *.Texture2D
  2064: Read Only Memories *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  20XX *.bank*.ogg
  28 Waves Later *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  2D Neon Cube *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  2Dark *.bigfile
  3 Out Of 10: Episode 1: Welcome To Shovelworks *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  3 Out Of 10: Episode 2: Foundation 101 *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  3 Out Of 10: Episode 3: Pivot Like A Champion *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  3 Out Of 10: Episode 4: Thank You For Being An Asset *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  3 Out Of 10: Episode 5: The Rig Is Up! *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  3 Out of 10: Season 2 *.pak*.png *.psd *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  35mm *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  3D Sex Villa *.bxp
  3D Ultra Cool Pool *.tbv*.wav
  3D Ultra Lionel Traintown *.tbv*.bmx *.wav
  3D Ultra Minigolf *.dlx *.rbx
  3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures *.pak
  3D Ultra NASCAR Pinball *.tbv*.wav
  3D Ultra Pinball *.001 *.002*.wav
  3D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night *.001
  3D Ultra Pinball: The Lost Continent *.001*.wav
  3D Ultra Pinball: Thrill Ride *.tbv*.wav
  3D Ultra Radio Control Racers *.rbx *.tbv*.wav
  3SwitcheD *.vfs*.dds *.ogg *.png *.wav
  4x4 Evolution *.pod *.pod*.raw
  4x4 Evolution 2 *.pod *.pod
  50 Cent: Bulletproof [PS2]*.afs
  7 Sins *.pak
  7 Wonders: Ancient Alien Makeover *.dat*.dds *.mp3 *.ogg *.png *.wav
  7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour *.dat*.dds *.ogg *.png *.wav
  7 Wonders: The Treasures of Seven *.sfs*.jp2 *.ogg *.png
  7.62 Hard Life *.zip*.bmp *.dds *.jpg *.png *.psd *.wav
  80 Days *.0000 *.0000*.dds *.ogg
  80's Style *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png
  8-Bit Adventures 2 *.pak *.pak *.*.flac *.png *.rpgmvo *.wav *.webp
  8bit Invasion *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  8Doors Arum's Afterlife Adventure *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank*.ogg *.Texture2D
  8infinity *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  9 Balls *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  A Flame In The Flood *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  A Game Of Thrones: The Board Game Digital Edition *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  A Glider's Journey *.bank *.pak*.ogg *.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D *.wav
  A Mortician's Tale *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank*.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  A Musical Story *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bnk *.unity3d*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  A Penny For Some Motivation *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  A Plague Tale: Innocence *.bnk *.pck*.wav
  A Plot Story *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  A Roll-Back Story *.assets *.unity3d *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  A Salem Witch Trial *.pak*.png *.wav
  A Shawn Story *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  A Short Hike *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  A Space for the Unbound *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  A Story About My Uncle *.u *.upk *.asamu*.SoundNodeWave *.Texture2D
  A Tale of Paper *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  A Total War Saga: Troy *.pack*.dds *.jpg *.png *.tga *.wem
  A Trip to Yugoslavia *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  A Valley Without Wind *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  A Vampyre Story *.fsb *.*.wav
  A Way Out *.pak*.png
  A.I.D. - Artificial Intelligence Defence *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank*.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  A.I.M.2: Clan Wars *.pak*.tm
  A.V.A - Dog Tag *.upk*.SoundNodeWave *.texture2d
  A2Be *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Abomination: The Nemesis Project *.awf *.clt*.wav
  Aboria *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Absconding Zatwor *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Absoloot *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png
  Absolute Drift *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  ABZU *.bnk *.pak*.png *.Texture2D *.wav
  Acceleration of SUGURI 2 *.dat *.dat *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Access Denied *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Accurate Segmentation 2 *.nw *.pak*.flac *.jpg *.ogg *.png *.webp
  Ace of Protectors *.audo *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Ace Ventura *.bin
  Aces Of The Galaxy *.dpk*.dds *.png
  Achievement Clicker *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Achievement Clicker 2019 *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Achievement Collector: Cat *.nw *. *.pak *.*.jpg *.png
  Achievement Printer Part 1 *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Acquarium *.win*.png
  Act Of War *.dat
  Act Of War: High Treason *.dat
  Action Henk *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Action Rush *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Actua Soccer *.dat *.mad *.mad
  Actua Soccer 2 *.mad *.mad*.wav
  Actua Soccer 3 *.mad *.mad
  Addiction Pinball *.anb*.img
  Adi's Comprehensive Learning System *.itk *.stk*.wav
  Adobe AIR *.air
  Adrenalin 2: Rush Hour *.bin
  Adva-lines *.pak*.jpg *.png
  Advanced Strategic Command *.con *.zip
  Advent Rising *.u*.palette *.texture
  Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island *.pb *.u *.uax *.utx*.palette *.texture *.texture
  Adventures of Heroes *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes: The Case Of The Silver Earring *.0000*.jpg *.ogg
  Aegis Defenders *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Aeon Flux [PS2]*.pod
  AER Memories Of Old *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  AFL 98 *.lbm
  AFL 99 *.paf
  after HOURS *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Aftercharge *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Afterlife *.000
  Again *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Against Rome *.dat *.pua*.tga *.wav
  Against the Moon *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Against The Storm *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D *.wav
  Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Age of Conan *.rdbdata*.png
  Age of Conquest 3 *.data*.png
  Age Of Empires *.drs
  Age Of Empires 2 *.drs*.wav
  Age Of Empires 3 *.age3scn *.bar*.avi *.bmp *.cur *.ddt *.psd *.wav
  Age Of Empires 4 *.sga*.png *.rrtex
  Age Of Fear: The Free World *.zip*.ogg *.png
  Age of Mythology *.bar
  Agent Awesome *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Agents of Mayhem *.vpp_pc*.wem
  AGON *.sfl*.jpg *.mp3
  Agony *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  AH-64D Longbow 2 *.tre
  AI War: Fleet Command *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  AIDEN *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Aik's Cheese Adventures *.nw *.pak*.flac *.jpg *.ogg *.png *.webp
  Air Combat *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Air Offensive *.dat
  Airbourne Troops *.pak
  Airfix Dogfighter *.up*.tga *.wav
  Airhead *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Airline 69 *.gfx *.sfx*.wav
  Airline Tycoon *.gli *.glj*.img
  Airport Tycoon 3 *.pak
  Airscape: The Fall of Gravity *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Ajax Club Football 2005 *.big
  Akuatica *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Alan Wake *.rmdp*.fsb *.tex
  Alan Wake's American Nightmare *.rmdp*.fsb *.tex
  Alba: A Wildlife Adventure *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bnk *.resource *.wem*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D *.wav
  Albert and Otto *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Albion *.xld
  Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends *.dat*.dds *.png *.tga
  Alder Choke *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bnk *.wem*.Mesh *.Texture2D *.wav
  Alder's Blood: Prologue *.assets *.assets.resS *.bundle *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Aldred Knight *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Alex Ferguson Player Manager 2003 *.pkd
  Alex Hunter: Lord of the Mind *.pack*.bmp *.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Alexander *.pak*.bmp *.ico *.jpg *.ogg *.tga *.wav
  Alicia Griffith: Lakeside Murder *.dat*.ogg *.png
  Alicia Quatermain 2: The Stone of Fate *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Alicia Quatermain: Secrets Of The Lost Treasures *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Alien Breed 2: Assault *.u *.upk *.umap*.SoundNodeWave *.Texture2D
  Alien Breed 3: Descent *.u *.upk *.umap*.SoundNodeWave *.Texture2D
  Alien Breed: Impact *.u *.upk *.umap*.SoundNodeWave *.Texture2D
  Alien Carnage *.-0*.1 *.2 *.3 *.4 *.5 *.pcc *.pcx
  Alien Invaders *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Alien Nations: Amazons And Aliens *.gd
  Alien Rage *.upk*.Texture2D
  Alien Spidy *.assets *.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Alien Swarm Reactive Drop *.vpk*.vtf
  Alien vs Predator *.ffl *.ffl*.wav
  Alien vs Predator (2010) *.asr *.asr*.dds *.dds *.wav
  Alien vs Predator 2 *.rez*.dtx *.pcx *.wav
  Alien: Isolation *.bnk *.pak *.pak *.pck*.dds *.psd *.wav
  Aliens *.u*.palette *.texture
  All Guns On Deck *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Allan Border Cricket *.lbm
  Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA) *.upk *.ut3*.SoundNodeWave *.texture2d
  Allods *.res
  Allods 2: Rage Of Mages *.res*.bmp *.wav
  Allods Online *.pak*.(Geometry).bin *.(Texture).bin *.(UITexture).bin
  Alpha Black Zero *.abz*.tga *.wav
  Alpha Kimori: Episode 1 *.rgssad*.jpg *.png
  Alpha Polaris *.dcp*.bmp *.gif *.ico *.jpg *.ogg *.png *.tga *.wav
  Alpha Prime *.res*.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.tga
  Alpha Protocol *.u *.upk*.SoundNodeWave *.texture2d
  Alpine Ski Racing 2007 *.pak*.ogg
  Alpine Skiing 2006 *.pak
  Alter Ego *.erp*.dds *.eim *.ogg *.png *.wav
  aMAZE 3D *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Amazing Adventures: The Caribbean Secret *.z*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Amazon Trail 3rd Edition *.mdt *.mdt
  America *.rda*.mp3
  American Chopper 2: Full Throttle [PS2]*.fsb
  American Conquest *.gp
  American Conquest 2 *.gsc*.bmp
  American Fugitive *.assets *.resS *.resource *.* *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  American History Lux *.jar*.gif *.jpg *.ogg *.png *.wav
  American Idol *.wd2*.bmp *.ogg *.tga
  American McGee's Alice *.pk3
  American McGees Scrapland *.packed*.bmp *.dds *.ogg *.tga *.wav
  American Truck Simulator *.scs*.bmp *.dds *.ogg
  Americas Army: Operations *.uax *.utx*.Sound *.Texture
  Amid Evil *.pak*.png *.psd *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Among the Dead *.pak*.png *.wav
  Among the Sleep *.assets *.resS *.resource
  Among The Sleep *.assets *.resS *.resource
  Among the Sleep *.resource
  Among The Sleep *.resource
  Among Us *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire *.bsa
  Anachronox *.dat*.bmp *.mp3 *.pcx *.png *.tga *.wav
  Android App [Android]*.apk
  Android Apps [Android]*.obb
  Angels Fall First: Planetstorm *.u *.udk *.upk*.SoundNodeWave *.Texture2D
  Angel's Love *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Animal Quest *.ggl *.gsl
  Animal Super Squad *.pak *.*.ogg *.png *.Texture2D
  ANIMALITY *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards *.assets *.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Anime Fight in the Arena of Death *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Ankh: Heart Of Osiris *.dat*.dds *.png *.tga
  Anna's Quest *.vc### *.vis *.vis *.vc### *.vs### *.vs###*.opus *.webp
  Anodyne 2: Return to Dust *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Anomaly 2 *.dat*.dds *.ogg *.wav
  Anomaly Defenders *.dat*.dds_headerless *.ogg *.wav
  Anomaly Korea *.dat*.dds *.ogg *.wav
  Anomaly Warzone Earth *.dat *.dat*.dds *.dds *.ogg *.ogg *.wav *.wav
  Anomoly Warzone Earth Mobile Campaign *.dat*.dds *.ogg *.wav
  Another Lost Phone *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Another War *.lgs
  Anti-Opoly *.dat*.wav
  Anykey Simulator *.audo *.win*.ogg *.png
  Apache Havoc *.bin *.bin *.dat
  Apache Longbow *.bin *.blk
  APB *.u*.palette *.texture
  APB Reloaded *.bnk *.pck *.upk *.apb *.upk *.apb*.texture2d *.texture2d
  Ape Out *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Apocalyptica *.xfs*.wav
  Apsulov: End of Gods *.bank*.ogg
  Aquarium *.bin
  Aquarium Simulator *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Aquarnoid 2 *.gob
  Arabian Nights *.io
  Arcade America *.bin
  Arcade Moonlander *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Arcane preRaise *.rgss3a
  Arcane RERaise *.rgss3a
  ArcaniA: Gothic 4 *.pak*.wav
  Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura *.dat*.bmp *.mp3 *.wav
  Archery Practice VR *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Area 51 *.dfs
  Arena Wars *.data *.texturepack *.awreplay*.bmp *.gif *.jpg *.png
  Argo *.pbo*.jpg *.ogg *.paa *.png *.tga
  ARK: Survival Evolved *.uasset *.umap*.Texture2D
  ArmA *.pbo*.paa *.wav
  ArmA 2 *.pbo*.ogg *.paa *.png
  ArmA 3 *.pbo*.paa
  ArmA: Cold War Assault *.pbo*.jpg *.ogg *.paa *.wav
  Armageddon Empires *.cxt *.dxr
  Armed and Dangerous *.big *.big*.txtr *.wav
  Armello *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d*.Texture2D
  Armobiles *.bmb *.dmd *.wmw *.gtx
  Armored Fist 3 *.pff*.bmp *.pcx *.tga *.wav
  Army General *.dat*.dds *.png *.wav
  Army Men: Toys In Space *.amm *.atl
  Army of Squirrels *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Army Ranger: Mogadishu *.rez*.bmp *.dtx *.pcx *.wav
  Arrog *.assets *.assets.resS *.bank*.ogg *.Texture2D
  Arsenal 2 *.adf
  Arsenal Extended Power *.rgb*.rgbrle
  Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny *.vbf*.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.png *.tga
  Art of Murder: FBI Confidential *.dcp*.bmp *.jpg *.mp3 *.ogg *.png *.tga *.wav
  Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer *.vbf*.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Artemis: God-Queen of Olympia *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Artifact *.vpk*.vmesh_c *.vtex_c
  Artifact 2.0 *.vpk*.vmesh_c *.vtex_c
  Arx Fatalis *.pak
  Ascendancy *.cob*.gif
  Ascendant *.assets *.assets.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D *.wav
  Ascension to the Throne *.pak*.bmp *.dds *.mp3 *.tga *.wav
  Asheron's Call 2 *.dat*.Texture
  Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation *.dat *.*.jpg *.png
  Assassins Creed: Syndicate *.bnk *.forge *.pck*.wav
  Assault Android Cactus *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Assault on Arnhem *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Asterix: Mega Madness *.spr
  Astonia 3 *.pak *.pak*.AudioClip
  Astro Avenger 2 *.grp*.dds *.ogg *.tga
  Astrodogs *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Astrogeddon *.pak
  Atlantis *.gpk*.jpg *.tga
  Atlantis Evolution *.jp6*.jpg
  Attack Of Insects *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Attrition: Tactical Fronts *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  ATV Rally *.cxt *.dxr
  Audiosurf *.zip
  Aura: Fate of the Ages *.pvd *.psp*.jpg
  AuroraRL *.jar
  Austerlitz *.bag*.bm2
  Austin Powers Pinball *.bnk
  Austin Powers: Operation Trivia *.srf
  Auto Assault *.glm*.dds *.ogg
  Autobahn Police Simulator *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Automachef *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Aven Colony *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Aviation Hurricane Storm *.audo *.win *.*.png *.wav
  AVICII Invector *.assets *.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D
  Axiom Verge *.xnb*.Texture2D
  Axis And Allies *.rwd*.dds *.mp3 *.png *.tga *.wav
  AXYOS Battlecards *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Aztez *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Azurik: Rise Of Perathia [XBox]*.xbr
  B.I.O.T.A. *.nw *. *.pak *.*.flac *.ogg *.png
  Babylon 5: I've Found Her *.war
  Back To Bed *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Back to the Future: The Game: Episode 1 *.ttarch *.ttarch
  Backbone *.bank *.pak*.ogg *.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Backspin Billiards Deluxe *.dat
  Backwater Bayou VR *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Backyard Baseball *.met
  Backyard Baseball 2005 *.met*.bmp *.mp3 *.png *.wav
  Backyard Basketball *.met
  Backyard Football *.met
  Backyard Hockey *.met
  Backyard Skateboarding *.met
  Bad Boys 2 *.pc*.bmp.0 *.bmp.1 *.bmp.2 *.bmp.3 *.bmp.4 *.bmp.5
  Bad Dream: Coma *.audo *.dat *.win*.wav
  Bad Mojo Redux *.msh
  Bad North *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Bad Piggies *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  BAE *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  BAE 2 *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Baiko *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Baikonur Space *.nw *. *.pak *.*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Balacera Brothers *.exe *.pak*.gif *.ogg *.png *.wav
  Balancelot *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  BalanCity *.nw *.pak*.jpg *.ogg *.png *.wav
  Balconing Simulator 2020 *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D *.wav
  Baldur's Gate *.bif
  Baldur's Gate 2 *.bif*.bmp
  Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance [Xbox]*.lmp
  Balls Of Steel *.bnk
  Banana Hell *.pck*.oggstr *.png *.stex
  Bandits *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  BARBAR_BAR *.pak *.uasset*.png *.Texture2D
  Barkanoid 2 *.gob
  BARRIER X *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Barrow Hill *.cxt *.dxr
  Basketball *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Bastion *.pkg *.xwb*.ogg
  BATALJ *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Batman Begins [XBox]*.003 *.005
  Batman Vengeance *.000*.tsd
  Batman: Arkham Asylum *.u *.umap *.upk *.upk*.RFMODSound *.texture2d
  Batman: Arkham City *.bnk *.upk *.wad*.wav
  Batman: Arkham Knight *.upk *.wad*.wav
  Batman: Arkham Origins *.upk *. *.wad *.*.soundnodewave *.SoundNodeWave *.Texture2D
  Battle Beast *.bin *.bin *.bin *.bin
  Battle Breakers *.pak*.png *.psd *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Battle Chasers: Nightwar *.assets *.resS *.resource *.sharedassets *.bnk *.wem*.Texture2D *.wav
  Battle Chef Brigade *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Battle for Enlor *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Battle Isle 2 *.lib
  Battle Of Europe *.wpk*.bmp *.dds
  Battle Realms *.h2o
  Battle Strike: The Road To Berlin *.dpk
  Battle Time *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Battlefield 1942 *.rfa
  Battlefield 2 *.zip*.dds *.ogg *.wav
  Battlefield 2 [PS2]*.big *.viv
  Battlefield 2142 *.zip*.dds *.ogg *.wav
  Battlefield Play4Free *.zip*.dds *.ogg *.wav
  Battleship Surface Thunder *.mgf
  Battlestations: Midway *.fsb *. *.fsb *. *.mpak*.dds *.tga *.wav *.wav
  Battlestations: Pacific *.fsb *. *.fsb *. *.mpak*.dds *.tga *.wav *.wav
  Battlevoid Harbinger *.jar*.jpg *.mp3 *.ogg *.png
  Battlezone 2 *.pak*.tga *.wav
  Beach Restaurant *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  BeanVR *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Beast Blaster *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Beast Mode: Night Of The Werewolf *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Beasts And Bumpkins *.box *.fat
  Beat Cop *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bnk*.Texture2D *.wav
  Beat Down: Fists Of Vengeance [PS2]*.rws *.xaf*.stx *.bin
  Beat Down: Fists Of Vengeance [Xbox]*.xaf
  Beautiful Desolation *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Beckett *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  BeeFense *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Before I Forget *.assets *.assets.resS *.bank *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Beholder *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Beholder 3 *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank*.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Bejeweled 3 *.pak*.gif *.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Bejeweled 3 [PS3]*.rsb*.ptx
  Berserk Boy *.audo *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Betrayal At Krondor *.001
  Betrayal in Antara *.001 *.002 *.003 *.sfx *.aud*.wav
  Betrayer *.u *.upk *.asamu*.SoundNodeWave *.Texture2D
  Between Me And The Night *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Beyond Good and Evil *.bf *.bin*.mdl *.tex *.waa *.wac *.wad *.wam
  Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came *.bin*.gif *.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Beyond the Wall *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  BHunter *.bin*.pcx *.wav
  Bibots *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Bicycle Hearts and Spades *.dat *.z*.bmp *.wav
  Big Journey to Home *.audo *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Big Mutha Truckers [PS2]*.ar *.ar*.arc_tex *.snd *.spd
  Big Mutha Truckers 2: Truck Me Harder *.ar
  Billy Blade And The Temple Of Time *.pkf
  Binary Domain *.par*.dds
  Bionicle *.avl *.vol
  BioShock *.fsb
  Bioshock *.fsb *.
  BioShock *.ibf *.lbf *.spk *.u *.bsm*.sound *.texture *.texture
  BioShock [Xbox 360]*.u*.palette *.texture
  Bioshock 2 *.bdc *.blk *.u*.ddsraw *.Texture
  Bioshock Infinite *.bnk *.pck *.xxx*.Texture2D *.wav
  Bitcoin Clicker *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  BitMaster *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  BitRay *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Bizango Blast *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Bizango Blast VR *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Black And White *.sad
  Black And White 2 *.lug *.stuff*.bmp *.dds *.tga
  Black Book *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d *.bank *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Black Matrix [PS1]*.dat *.dat *.pac
  Black Matrix 2 [PS2]*.dat *.pac*.rwi *.vag
  Black Matrix Cross [PS1]*.dat
  Black Mirror 3 *.dat*.ogg *.wav
  Black Skylands *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank*.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Black Widow: Recharged *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Blackguards *.assets *.assets.resS *.lang*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Blackout Z *.audo *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Blacksmith *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Blacksmith HIT *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Blade 2 [PS2]*.wad
  Blade and Bones *.pak *.*.ogg *.png *.Texture2D
  Blade and Sword 2 *.spk
  Blade of Darkness *.mmp*.mmp_tex
  Blades of Time *.bin*.ddsx
  Blair Witch *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Blair Witch Project *.pod
  Blast Zone! Tournament *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Blaster Cop *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Bleach [PSP]*.fpk
  Bleeding Moons *.rgss3a*.jpg *.png
  Blind Fate: Edo no Yami *.pak*.png *.psd *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Blind Mind *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Blitzkrieg *.pak
  Blitzkrieg 2 *.pak*.dds *.tga *.wav
  Blitzkrieg 3 *.assets *.resS*.Texture2D
  Block Competition *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Block Dungeon *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Block Sport *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bnk*.Texture2D
  Blockality *.zip
  Blockstorm *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  BLOK DROP NEO *.nw *.pak*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Blonde Driver *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Blood *.rff
  Blood 2 *.rez*.dtx *.pcx *.wav
  Blood Knights *.zip*.dds *.tga
  Blood Magic *.bm
  Blood of Old *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Blood of Old: The Rise To Greatness *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain *.big *.rkv*.ogg *.texture
  Blood Paws Unleashed *.exe *.pak*.gif *.ogg *.png *.wav
  Bloodbath Kavkaz *.pak*.png
  Bloodrayne *.pod
  Bloodrayne [PS2]*.pod
  Bloodrayne 2 *.pod*.mp3 *.wav
  Bloodrayne 2 [PS2]*.pod
  Bloodroots *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bundle *.resource *.wem*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Bloodsports.TV *.
  Bloody Boobs *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Blowout *.pod
  BMW M3 Challenge *.bmw*.bmp *.dds *.tga
  Board Battlefield *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Bob the Cube *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Bohemian Killing *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Bomb The Monsters! *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Bomber Crew *.assets *.assets *.resS *.resource *.assets.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D *.wav
  Bone: Out From Boneville *.ttarch
  BoneBone: Rise of the Deathlord *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  BOOBS BATTLEGROUND *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Boobserman *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Boons Farm *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Border Force *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Borderlands *.upk*.texture2d
  Borderlands 2 *.pck *.pck *.upk*.Texture2D *.wav
  Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel *.bnk *.pck *.pck *.pck *.upk*.Texture2D *.wav
  BOXVR *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Braid *.zip*.bmp *.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.wav
  Brain Sanity *.bsd
  Braveheart *.io*.bmp *.tga *.wav
  Braveland *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Breach *.pak *.*.ogg *.png *.Texture2D
  Break Into Zatwor *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Breakneck: N.I.C.E. 2 *.syn
  Breath Of Fire 4 *.dat*.mp2 *.wav
  Breezeblox *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Brett Hull 95 *.rsc*.wav
  Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 *.bag*.tex
  Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 [PS2]*.bag *.bag *.dat*.tex
  Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 *.bag*.dds *.tex *.tex
  Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Brigador *.bank*.ogg
  BRIGHTEST *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Brilliant Bob *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Brink *.sdpk2*.wav
  Broforce *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  BROK: The InvestiGator *.dat *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Broke Protocol: Online City *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Broken Age *.pck*.fsb *. *.tex
  Broken Sword 2.5 *.b25c*.ogg *.png
  Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror *.clu *.clu *.dat *.dat *.vim*.ogg *.rgba *.vim *.wav
  Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon *.pak*.bmp *.png *.wav
  Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon [XBox]*.pak
  Broken Sword 4: The Angel of Death *.pak*.bmp *.jpg *.ogg *.png *.psd *.tga *.wav
  Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse *.osa *.vt7a*.ogg *.sdw *.strm *.webp
  Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars *.clv *.dat *.dat *.dat*.back *.bm16 *.face *.fg16 *.fore *.ogg *.ogg *.png *.spr4 *.spr8 *.spra
  Brother Bear *.u *.uax *.unr *.utx*.palette *.texture *.texture *.texture
  Brothers In Arms: D-Day *.u*.palette *.texture
  Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood *.gbxmap *.u *.uax *.ucx *.ukx *.usx *.utx *.uz2*.texture *.texture *.texture
  Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway *.u*.palette *.texture
  Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30 *.gbxmap *.u *.uax *.ucx *.ukx *.usx *.utx *.uz2*.texture *.texture *.texture
  Brothers Pilots 4 *.pak
  Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons *.u *.upk *.umap*.SoundNodeWave *.Texture2D
  Brutal Legend *.~p*.Texture
  Brute *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png
  Buccaneers: Shipshape *.exe *.pak*.gif *.ogg *.png *.wav
  Bugs Must Die *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Build Wars *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Builders of Egypt: Prologue *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D *.tga
  Bullet VR *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Bunker 58 *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Bunny Adventure *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Burger Shop *.pak*.gif *.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Burly Men at Sea [Android]*.assets *.assets.split## *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Burly Men at Sea *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Burn *.3dn*.dds *.png
  Burnout Paradise *.bundle
  Burnout Paradise [Xbox 360]*.sns
  Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box *.bin *.bndl *.bundle *.dat *.font *.hm *.hmsc *.pfx *.pup*.dxt
  Burnout Revenge [PS2]*.rws
  Business Clicker *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Bust A Groove [PSX]*.dfs *.sedt*.tim
  Butcher *.assets *.resS *.resource *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank *.bank *.resource*.Mesh *.ogg *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D
  Buzz! The Great Music Quiz *.pak
  Bye-Bye, Wacky Planet *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Byond Game Engine *.rsc*.png *.wav
  CABAL 2 *.pak*.dds *.ogg
  Call of Bitcoin *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Call Of Duty *.pk3*.dds *.jpg *.mp3 *.tga *.wav
  Call Of Duty 2 *.iwd*.mp3 *.wav
  Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare *.ff *.iwd*.mp3 *.wav
  Call Of Duty: Finest Hour [PS2]*.rws
  Call Of Duty: Finest Hour [XBox]*.pak *.rws
  Call Of Juarez *.pak*.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.png *.wav
  Call Of Juarez: Bound in Blood *.rpack *.pak*.dds *.ogg *.png *.wav
  Call To Power 2 *.zfs
  Camp Sunshine *.pak*.png *.wav
  Camper *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Capcom Arcade Stadium *.pak*.tex
  Capcom Fighting Collection *.arc*.tex
  Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Caravan *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Carcassonne *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Card Quest *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Card Shark *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Cargo: The Quest for Gravity *.vfs*.ogg *.tex
  Carl The Caveman *.hdp *.lp*.jpg *.mp3 *.tga *.wav
  Carlsbad Caverns: The Guadalupe Mountains *.dxr
  Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now *.twt
  Carmageddon: Max Damage *.zad*.dds *.mp3 *.tdx *.wav
  Carmageddon: Total Destruction Racing 2000 *.pak
  Carmen Sandiego: Math Detective *.cxt *.dxr
  Carmen Sandiego: Word Detective *.mhk *.z
  Carnage in Space: Ignition *.nw *.pak*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Carnivores *.3df *.car*.msh *.tex *.wav
  Carnivores 2 *.3df *.car*.msh *.tex *.wav
  Carnivores: Cityscape *.gro
  Carnivores: Ice Age *.3df *.car*.msh *.tex *.wav
  Carrion Reanimating *.gfx *.xnb *.xwb*.png *.Texture2D
  Cars *.pak*.dxt *.tga
  Cars [Xbox]*.xbr*.bmp *.dxt *.tga *.tm2 *.wav *.wma
  CART Precision Racing *.pod*.bmp *.wav
  Carto *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Case Closed *.dsk
  Castle Of The Winds *.cwg
  Castle Strike *.rda*.bmp *.ogg *.psd *.tga *.wav
  Cat Doesn't Like Banana *.nw *.pak*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  CAT Interstellar *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Cathedral *.pak *.pak
  Catie in MeowmeowLand *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Catwoman *.avl *.vol
  Catz 5 *.env *.cat *.dog *.clo *.toy*.bmp *.wav
  Cave Adventures *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png
  Cave Story's Secret Santa *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Caveman World: Mountains of Unga Boonga *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Caves! *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Cavewars *.dbs*.wav
  CAYNE *.assets *.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  CD ISO Disk *.iso
  Celeste *.bank*.ogg
  Celestial Impact *.pack*.jpg *.ogg *.tga *.wav
  Cellblock Squadrons *.box
  Centipede: Recharged *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Ceville *.dat *.*.dds
  Chalk *.wgm
  Champ Kong *.bin
  Champions Online *.hogg*.fsb *.jpg *.wtex
  Chaos Control *.gb
  Chaos on Deponia *.vc### *.vis *.vs###*.opus *.webp
  Chaos Reborn *.assets *.resS *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D *.wav
  Charnel House Trilogy *.exe*.ogg *.wav
  Chaser *.fs
  Chasing Static *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *. *.unity3d*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Chasm *.xnb *.xwb*.Texture2D *.wav
  Chasm: The Rift *.bin*.wav
  Chef's Luv Shack *.exp *.low *.dat*.exp_tex *.wav
  Cherry Kiss Strip Mahjong Solitaire *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Chibi-Robo! Plug into Adventure! [GameCube]*.bin
  Childhood *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Chill Manor *.ani *.lab*.pcx *.wav
  Chimpact: Chuck's Adventure *.dat*.png
  Chivalry: Medieval Warfare *.u *.udk *.umap *.upk *.*.soundnodewave *.SoundNodeWave *.Texture2D
  Chosen 2 *.rgss3a*.png
  Chowderchu *.audo *.win*.wav
  Chroma Squad *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Chromadrome 2 *.dam*.jpg *.ogg *.tga *.wav
  Chrome SpecForce *.zip *.pak*.tex
  Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual *.vbl*.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life *.vbf*.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Chrono Rage *.pak*.ogg *.tga *.wav
  Cities In Motion *.gs*.bmp *.dds *.mp3 *.wav
  Cities in Motion 2 *.assets *.bundle*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Cities XL *.pak *.sav*.dds *.jpg *.mp3 *.png *.tga *.wav
  Cities: Skylines *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Citizen Abel: Gravity Bone *.pk3*.jpg *.ogg *.pcx *.psd *.tga *.wav
  City Builder *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  City Life *.pak*.bmp *.dds *.png *.tga
  City Of Brass *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  City of Heroes *.pigg
  City of Villains *.pigg*.ogg *.texture *.tga
  Civilization 4 *.fpk*.bmp *.dds *.jpg *.tga
  Civilization 5 *.fpk*.dds *.mp3 *.png *.tga *.wav
  Civilization: Call To Power *.ctp
  Clatter *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Click and Manage Tycoon *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Clickdraw Clicker *.win*.png
  Clicker bAdventure *.pak *.*.ogg *.png *.Texture2D
  Clive Barker's Jericho *.packed
  Clive Barker's Undying *.sac *.sac *.u *.uax *.utx*.palette *.texture *.texture
  Close Combat 3: The Russian Front *.sfx *.zfx
  Close Combat 4: The Battle Of The Bulge *.azp *.gdg *.pix *.sfx
  Close To The Sun *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Cloudborn *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Clover: A Curious Tale *.xnb *.xwb*.Texture2D
  Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force [NDS]*.arc *. *.fun *.
  Club Penguin: Herberts Revenge [NDS]*.arc *. *.fun *.
  Cludbugz's Twisted Magic *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Clusterball *.mrg*.bmp *.jpg *.wav
  Code of Honor: The French Foreign Legion *.pak
  Codename Kids Next Door - Operation: V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E. *.jam*.bmp *.pnt *.tga
  Codename: Panzers *.pak*.mp3 *.tga *.wav
  Codename: Panzers - Phase 2 *.map *.pak
  Coffee Noir: Business Detective Game *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Coffee Talk *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Cognition *.assets *.assets *.bundle*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D *.Texture2D
  Cold Fear *.fsb *.*.wav
  Cold Fear [PS2]*.bin *.fsb
  Cold War *.mfs
  Colin McRae DiRT *.wia *.wip
  Colin McRae Rally 04 *.big
  Colin McRae Rally 05 *.big
  Colin McRae Rally 2 *.bfl*.tga
  Colin McRae Rally 3 *.big*.dds *.wav
  Colonumbers *.win*.png
  Color Cingdom *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png
  Colt Express *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy *.brz*.bmp *.tga *.wav
  Combat Raccoon *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Combat Wings: Battle of Britain *.*.bmp *.dds *.ogg *.png *.wav
  Combat: Task Force 121 *.u*.palette *.texture
  Comedy Night *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Commanche 4 *.pff *.pff*.dds *.pcx *.tga *.wav
  Commanche Enhanced *.kdv
  Command And Conquer *.mix *.vqa
  Command and Conquer 3 *.big*.snd *.tga
  Command And Conquer: Generals *.big*.wav
  Command And Conquer: Red Alert 2 *.mix*.pcx
  Command And Conquer: Tiberium Sun *.mix *.vqa*.pcx
  Command: Aces Of The Deep *.dyn
  Commando Jack *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Commandos *.dir*.bmp *.pcx *.wav
  Commandos 2: Men of Courage *.pck*.wav
  Commandos 3: Destination Berlin *.pck
  Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines *.dir*.bmp *.pcx *.wav
  Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty *.dir*.bmp *.wav
  Commandos: Strike Force *.pak*.dds *.png *.wav
  Commands and Colors: The Great War *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Company of Heroes *.rgt *.sga*.data *.dxtc *.psd *.ptld *.rgt *.smf *.tdat *.tga
  Company of Heroes 2 *.rgt *.sga*.data *.dds *.dxtc *.ptld *.rgt *.rgt *.tdat *.tga
  Company of Heroes: Legacy Edition *.sga*.psd *.smf *.tga
  Company of Heroes: Relaunch *.sga*.psd *.smf *.tga
  Conarium *.uasset*.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Condemned: Criminal Origins *.arch00*.dds *.wav
  Conflict Freespace *.vp
  Conflict: Denied Ops *.dat *.sch
  Conflict: Desert Storm *.dat *.psf *.sch*.bmp *.dds *.png
  Congo Merc *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Conquer Online 2.0 *.wdf
  Conquest Of The New World *.pak *.wad *.wad *.rts
  Conscript *.dat *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Construct: Escape The System *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Construction Simulator 2015 *.assets *.wbm *.wbr *.wbs*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Constructor *.fil*.wav
  Constructor Classic *.fil*.wav
  Contract JACK *.rez
  Control *.rmdp*.tex *.wem
  Control Craft 2 *.car
  Control Craft 3 *.car
  Convoy *.assets*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! *.audo *.dat *.txtr *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Cookies vs Claus *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Cooking Academy *.pak*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Cooking Academy 2 *.pak*.gif *.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Cooking Academy 3 *.pak*.gif *.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Cooking Academy Collection *.assets*.Texture2D
  Copoka *.bank *.pak*.ogg *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Copperhead Retaliation *.dsres
  Core Fighter *.xnb*.Texture2D
  Corrupt Life *.sgbpack*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Costume Quest *.~p *.fsb*.mp3 *.Texture
  Costume Quest 2 *.~p *.fsb*.Texture
  Counter-Strike *.wad *.*.mip
  Counter-Strike [XBox]*.sxwad *.wad *.*.mip *.spr
  Counter-Strike [Xbox]*.xpr
  Counter-Strike [XBox]*.xwb
  Counter-Strike Global Offensive *.vpk*.mp3 *.png *.vtf *.wav
  Counter-Strike: Condition Zero *.wad *.*.mip
  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive *.vpk*.vtf
  Counter-Strike: Source *.vpk*.png *.psd *.tga *.vtf *.vtf *.wav
  Country Dance 2 *.pod
  Country Park *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Cowboy's Adventure *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Crab Dub *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Cramgene *.dat*.bmp
  Crankies Workshop: Bozzbot Assembly *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Crankies Workshop: Grizzbot Assembly *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Crankies Workshop: Grizzbot Assembly 2 *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Crankies Workshop: Lerpbot Assembly *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Crankies Workshop: Whirlbot Assembly *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Crankies Workshop: Zazzbot Assembly *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Crappy Day *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex [GameCube]*.hgo *.nus *.shd
  Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex [PS2]*.gsc*.txm0
  Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex [Xbox]*.hgo*.txm0
  Crash Nitro Racing [PS2]*.gob*.png *.tga *.vag
  Crash Twinsanity [PS2]*.rm2
  Crash Twinsanity [XBox]*.rmx *.xwb
  Crashbots *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Crashlands *.audo *.dat *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Crawl *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Crayta *.pak
  Crazy Alien *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Crazy Belts *.jar*.jpg *.mp3 *.png
  Crazy Machines 2 *.fst*.fsample *.ftexture
  Crazy Machines: Elements *.fst
  Crazy Machines: Golden Gears *.fst
  Crazy Oafish Ultra Blocks Big Sale *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Crazy Pirate *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Crazy Taxi *.afs
  CrazyCar *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Create *.big *.pck
  Creative Voice *.voc
  Creativerse *.assets *.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Creature In The Well *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Crescent Bay *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Cresent Bay *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Crime Cities *.pak*.3ds *.wav
  Crime Life: Gang Wars *.pak
  Crime Life: Gang Wars [PS2]*.dat
  Crime Patrol *.lib
  Crimson Skies *.zbd*.mesh
  Crimsonland *.pak*.jpg *.ogg *.png *.tga
  Crimsonland Classic *.paq*.jpg *.jpg *.ogg *.ogg *.tga *.tga
  Cris Tales *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Croc 2 *.wad *.
  Croc: Legend of the Gobbos *.wad *.*.pix *.wav
  Cross And Crush *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Cross Racing Championship 2005 *.rpk
  Crossing Souls *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon *.bin
  Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit *.assets *.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D
  Crowntakers *.assets*.Texture2D
  CRSED: F.O.A.D. *.bank *.bin *.grp*.ddsx *.ogg
  Crusader: No Regret *.flx*.wav
  Crusader: No Remorse *.flx*.wav
  Crusades: Quest For Power *.tbd
  Crying Suns *.assets *.resS *.bundle *.bnk *.wem*.Mesh *.Texture2D *.wav
  Cryostasis *.fsb *.*.mp3 *.wav
  Cryptochain *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Crysis *.pak *.cry*.dds *.ogg
  CT Special Forces *.dpc
  Cuban Missile Crisis *.pak*.bmp *.jpg *.tga *.wav
  Cube Color *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Cube Link *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Cube Runner *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  CubeRun *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Cubic *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Cultures *.lib*.bmp *.mp3 *.pcx *.wav
  Curse The Eye Of Isis [XBox]*.ae
  Cursed *.dat*.dds *.tga
  Curved Space *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Custom Person *.arc*.png
  Custom Robo Arena [NDS]*.lz *.lz *.sdat *.swar*.ncgr
  Cyberia 2: Resurrection *.bin*.wav
  Cybermercs *.res
  Cyber-Wing *.zip
  Cyborg Detonator *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Cyborg Invasion Shooter *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Cyclones *.glb *.hd *.cd
  Daddy *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Daddy's Gone A-Hunting *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Dad's Co-worker *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Daemon X Machina *.awb *.pak*.hca *.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Daemonica *.wrs
  Daggerfall Unity *.assets *.dfmod *.bsa *.packed.dat*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D
  Dagon by H. P. Lovecraft *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Daikatana *.pak
  Daily Run *.win*.png
  Dandara *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Dangerous Skies: 80's Edition *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Dangerous Waters *.agg
  Daria's Inferno *.dat*.wav
  Dark Deception *.pak
  Dark Forces *.gob
  Dark Reign *.ftg*.wav
  Dark Reign 2 *.zwp*.bmp *.mp3 *.tga *.wav
  Dark Sector *.cache
  Dark Summit [GameCube]*.rcf
  Dark Summit *.rcf
  Dark Vengence *.rbd*.png *.wav
  Dark Void *.upk *.umap*.texture2d
  Dark Years *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  DarkEnd *.rgss3a *.*.jpg *.png
  Darkest Dungeon *.bank
  Darkest Hunters *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Darkest of Days *.cage*.mesh *.ogg *.tga *.wav
  Darksiders *.meshpack *.oppc *.ospc*.dds *.mp3
  Darksiders 2 *.pck *.upak
  Darkstar One *.cpr*.dds
  Darkstone *.mtf*.wav
  Darkwatch [PS2]*.pck
  Darkwatch [XBox]*.pck
  Darkwood *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  DARQ *.assets *.resS *.bank *.resource*.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  DashBored *.rgss3a*.bmp *.jpg *.png *.psd
  Dauntless *.bnk *.pak*.Texture2D *.wav *.wem
  Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX *._sd *.zsd *.zmd *.zsd*.wav
  Dawn Of Magic *.bm
  Dawn Of War *.sga
  Dawn Of War: Winter Assault *.sga
  Day of Defeat *.wad *.*.mip
  Day of Defeat: Source *.vpk*.mp3 *.vtf *.wav
  Day Of Infamy *.vpk*.jpg *.ogg *.png *.tga *.vtf *.wav
  Days Under Custody *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png
  Daytona USA *.bin*.bin_tex
  D-Day *.opt
  Dead Age *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Dead Bits *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Dead by Daylight *.pak*.Texture2D
  Dead Dust *.audo *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Dead Effect *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Dead Ground *.dat *.*.ogg
  Dead In Bermuda *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Dead Island *.rpack*.tex_data
  Dead Mans Hand *.upk *.umap*.palette *.texture
  Dead Or Alive *.xpr
  Dead Rising 4 *.big *.tex*.bct *.fsb
  Dead Space *.str
  Dead To Right 2 *.pak*.fsb *.png
  Dead To Right 2 [PS2]*.pak
  Dead to Rights 2 *.fsb *.pak*.png *.wav
  Dead To Rights 2 [XBox]*.pak
  Deadbeat Heroes *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Deadlight *.u *.upk *.u *.upk*.SoundNodeWave *.SoundNodeWave *.texture2d *.Texture2D
  Deadlock *.hdd
  Deadlock 2 *.cam *.hdd*.bmp
  Deadly Dozen *.za
  Deadly Dozen 2 *.za
  Dear Esther *.bsp *.vcs*.vtf
  Dear Leader *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Death and Taxes *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Death Squared *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Death Track: Resurrection *.rr*.ogg *.wav
  Death Trash *.assets *.resS *.bank*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Deathtrap Dungeon *.box
  Deceit *.pak
  Deconstructor *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Deep Blue *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Deep Eclipse *.pak*.bmp *.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Deep Ones *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Deep Space Anomaly *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Deer Drive *.scs*.dds *.ogg *.png *.tga
  Def Jam: Fight For NY *.viv
  DEFCON *.dat*.ogg
  Defend The Planet *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Defend The Rook *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Defense Grid: The Awakening *.dgp *.xwb*.dds *.png *.wav
  Defiance *.dat *.dat *.bio *.rez*.bmp *.wav
  Deiland *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Delaware St John: Volume 1 *.mou *.spk *.pak*.gif *.ogg *.wav
  Delaware St John: Volume 2 *.mou *.spk *.pak
  Delta Force *.pff *.pff *.sbf*.ico *.pcx *.wav *.wav
  Delta Force 2 *.pff *.pff *.sbf*.jpg *.pcx *.tga *.wav *.wav
  Delta Force Land Warrior *.pff *.pff *.sbf*.jpg *.pcx *.tga *.wav *.wav
  Delta Force Xtreme *.pff *.sbf*.dds *.pcx *.png *.tga *.wav *.wav
  Delta Force Xtreme 2 *.pff *.sbf*.dds *.pcx *.png *.tga *.wav *.wav
  Delta Force: Black Hawk Down *.pff *.sbf*.dds *.pcx *.tga *.wav *.wav
  Delta Force: Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre *.pff *.sbf*.dds *.pcx *.tga *.wav *.wav
  Delta Force: Task Force Dagger *.pff *.sbf*.pcx *.tga *.wav *.wav
  Delta-V Rings of Saturn *.pck*.oggstr *.png *.stex *.webp
  Demetrios *.audo *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Demigod *.fsb *.*.wav
  Demise: Rise of the Ku'tan *.der
  Demon Mark: A Russian Saga *.pak*.png
  Demon Robot Runner *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Demon Star *.glb
  Demonicon *.fuk*.dds *.ogg
  Demon's Tilt *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Deponia *.vc### *.vis *.vs###*.opus *.webp
  Deponia: The Complete Journey *.vis *.vc### *.vs###
  Depth Siege Atlantis *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Descent *.hog *.pig*.pcx
  Descent 2 *.hog *.mvl *.pig *.s11 *.s22 *.sow*.pcx
  Descent 3 *.hog *.d3c *.d3m *.mn3*.tga *.wav
  Descent Freespace: The Great War *.vp*.pcx *.wav
  Desert Law *.pak*.dds *.tga *.wav
  Desert Strike *.dat
  Desert Thunder *.upk *.umap*.palette *.texture
  Desperados 3 *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive *.pack
  Destination Dungeon: Crypts of Warthallow *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Destination Dungeons: Catacombs of Dreams *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Destiny Or Fate *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Destroy All Humans *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Destroy All Humans: Clone Carnage *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Destruction Derby *.bin*.wav
  Detective Case and the Clown Bot: Murder In the Hotel Lisbon *.audo *.win *.*.png *.wav
  Dethkarz *.slv *.zip*.bmp *.tga *.wav
  Deus Ex *.dx *.u *.uax *.umx *.utx*.palette *.texture *.texture *.texture *.texture
  Deus Ex: Human Revolution *.000 *.zip
  Deus Ex: Invisible War *.csc *.d2u *.gmp *.unr *.utx *.ibd*.dxt *.ogg *.texture *.texture *.texture *.texture *.wav
  Deus Ex: Mankind Divided *.archive *.pc_fsbm*.ogg
  Deus Ex: The Conspiracy *.upk *.umap*.palette *.texture
  Deus Ex: The Fall *.assets *.bnk *.wem*.Texture2D *.wav
  Devastation *.dvs *.u *.uax *.ukx *.usx *.utx*.texture *.texture *.texture *.texture
  Devil May Cry 3 *.pac *.pak*.tm2
  Devil May Cry 4 *.arc
  Devil May Cry 4 [XBox 360]*.arc
  Devil's Hunt *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Dex *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D *.wav
  Diabotical *.dbp*.dds *.jpg *.obj *.ogg *.png *.wav *.wma
  Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Die By The Sword *.atd
  Die Hard Trilogy 2 *.bin *.dhb *.tb *.wb*.dhb *.tb_tex *.wav
  Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza *.rez
  Digimon Rumble Arena [PS1]*.tim *.vfs*.tim
  Digit Daze *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource
  Digital Dungeon *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Digital Resistance *.audo *.win *.*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Diluvian Winds *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank*.ogg *.Texture2D
  Dink Smallwood *.ff*.bmp
  Dink Smallwood HD *.ff *.pak*.bmp
  Dino Crisis 2 *.tex*.pxl
  Din's Legacy *.zip*.ogg *.tga *.wav
  Diplomacy is Not an Option *.assets *.resS *.bundle *.bank*.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Dirt To Daytona [PS2]*.res *.car*.img *.tex *.val
  Dirt Track Racing *.pf *.pfb *.pfc*.tga
  Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars *.pf *.pfb *.pfc*.bmp *.tga
  Dirty Bomb *.pck *.upk *.umap*.texture2d
  Dirty Little Helper '98 *.zip
  Dirty Split *.dcp*.bmp *.ogg *.png *.tga
  Disciples: Sacred Lands *.dbi *.ff
  Disco Zombie Rampage 2 *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Discovery! A Seek and Find Adventure *.npk*.dds *.jpg *.png
  Disgaea 2 *.dat *.dat *.dat*.ogg
  Disgaea 5 *.dat *.dat *.dat
  Disgraced *.rgss3a*.bmp *.png
  Disintegration *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Disjunction *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Disney's Chicken Little [XBox]*.dbu *.hog
  Disney's Magic Artist Studio *.mmp *.mma *.mms
  Dispatcher *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Distrust *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Divinity 2: Ego Draconis *.bnk *.dv2*.dds *.nif *.wav
  Divinoids *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  DLL/EXE Program Resources *.dll *.exe *.msstyles *.ocx*.bmp
  Do Not Feed The Monkeys *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Doctor Who: Episode 1: City of the Daleks *.epc*.emtr
  Doctor Who: Episode 2: Blood of the Cybermen *.epc*.emtr
  Doctor Who: Episode 3: Tardis *.epc*.emtr
  Doctor Who: Episode 4: Shadows of the Vashta Nerada *.epc*.emtr
  Dogz 5 *.env *.cat *.dog *.clo *.toy*.bmp *.wav
  DOKA 2 *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Dolphins-Cyborgs And Open Space *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Domination: Massive Assault *.dat*.bmp *.dds *.jpg *.tga *.wav
  Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3 *.000 *.rdf
  Don't Give Up *.assets *.assets.resS *.bank*.ogg *.Texture2D
  Don't Stand Out *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Don't Tax Me, Bro! *.nw *.pak*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Donut Hunter *.nw *.pak*.png
  Doom *.wad *.rts
  Doom 2 *.pak *.wad *.rts
  Doom 3 *.pk4 *.resources*.bimage *.blwo *.bmd5mesh
  Doom 3 [XBox]*.d3tfull *.gob *.xwb
  Doom 64 *.kpf *.wad*.png *.tga
  Doom Eternal [Switch]*.pck *.snd*.wav
  Doomdarks Revenge *.dz*.png
  Doomsday *.zip*.psd
  Dorfromantik *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Dota 2 *.vpk*.vtf
  Dots *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Double Dragon Trilogy *.*.png
  Double Stretch *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Douche Bag *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Downtown Drift *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Dr Brain's Thinking Games: Action Reaction *.upk *.udk*.palette *.texture
  Dr Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist *.assets *.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Dr Livingstone, I Presume *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Dr. Pills *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Dracula Origin *.pak
  Dracula Twins *.lgd*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Dracula: The Path of the Dragon *.wpa
  Dracula's Legacy *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Dracula's Library *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Dragon Age 2 *.bnk *.erf *.rim*.dds *.msh *.ogg *.wav
  Dragon Age: Inquisition *.cas *.sb
  Dragon Age: Origins *.erf *.rim *.fsb *.fsb *.*.cur *.dds *.mp3 *.mp3 *.wav *.wav
  Dragon Boar and Lady Rabbit *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Dragon Hunter *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Dragon Nest *.pak *.rfs*.dds *.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.tga
  Dragon Shadow Spell [PS2]*.dat *.pac*.pac_tex *.vag
  DragonBall Z: Budokai 3 [PS2]*.afs
  Dragonshard *.h2o*.dds *.ogg *.tga *.wav
  Dragonsphere *.hag
  Drakan: Order Of The Flame *.adb *.lvl *.mod *.odb *.rrc *.sdb *.ssd *.txd
  Drakensang *.npk*.dds
  Draw It! *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Draw Slasher *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Draw Your Game *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Draw_Love *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Drawkanoid *.assets *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D
  Dread Out *.assets*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Dream Time *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Dreaming Sarah *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Dreamscape *.rgssad*.jpg *.png
  Dreamscapes 2: Nightmare's Heir *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Dreamscapes: The Sandman *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Drift Streets Japan *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Driftland: The Magic Revival *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Drill Arena *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Drink More Glurp Jingle Jam Challenge *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Driver 2 [PSX]*.bin *.blk *.blk *.lev *.sbk*.wav *.wav
  Driver 3 *.cpr *.d3s *.dam *.gfx *.map *.mec *.mpc *.pcs *.pmu *.vgt *.vvs *.vvv *.gsd
  Driver: Parallel Lines *.sp
  Droidworks *.gob*.bmp *.rle *.wav
  Drome Racers *.gtc*.aif *.md2 *.pctexture *.xbxtexture *.tga
  Drones, The Human Condition *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Dry Drowning *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Ducati World Racing Challenge *.img
  Ducati: 90th Anniversary *.mix*.dds *.jpg
  Duck Game *.xnb*.SoundEffect *.Texture2D
  Duke Nukem 2 *.cmp
  Duke Nukem 3D *.grp *.rts
  Duke Nukem Forever *.dat *.dat *.dat *.dat *.dat *.dat *.upk *.udk*.dxtmipmap *.mp3 *.palette *.texture
  Duke Nukem Manhatten Project *.zipfs*.bmp *.ogg *.png *.tga
  Dumbass Drivers *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Dune *.dat *.dun*.voc
  Dune 2 *.pak
  Dune 2000 *.rs *.z*.wav
  Dune 3 *.bag *.rfd
  Dungeon Crawlers HD *.assets*.Texture2D
  Dungeon Creepster *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Dungeon Defense *.upk *.udk*.SoundNodeWave *.texture2d
  Dungeon Escape *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Dungeon Keeper *.SOUND*.dat *.SPEECH*.dat*.wav
  Dungeon Keeper 2 *.sdt *.wad*.png
  Dungeon Lords *.000 *.pak *.tex
  Dungeon of the Endless *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Dungeon Rats *.aod*.dds *.jpg *.png
  Dungeon Runners *.pkg*.dds
  Dungeon Rushers *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Dungeon Siege 2 *.ds2map *.ds2res *.ds2res *.ds2map*.dds *.dds *.jpg *.jpg *.mp3 *.mp3 *.wav *.wav
  Dungeon Siege 3 *.bnk *.oaf*.dds *.ogg *.png *.tga *.wav
  Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna *.dsmap *.dsres*.mp3 *.wav
  Dungeon Souls *.audo *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Dungeonland *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Dungeons *.dat*.dds
  Dungeons 2 *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Dungeons 3 *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D *.wav
  Dungeons Of The Dead *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Duty Calls *.u *.upk *.udk*.texture2d
  Dwarflings *.data*.png *.tga
  Dying Light *.rpack*.tex_data
  Dying Light: Bad Blood *.csb *.pak *.rpack
  Dynasty Warriors 5 [XBox]*.bin *.bin*.wav
  EA Cricket 2004 *.gob
  EA Cricket 2005 *.big *.gob *.vp6
  EA Cricket 2005 [PS2]*.gob *.big *.viv*.asf *.png *.tga
  Eador: Masters of the Broken World *.pak*.bmp *.dds *.ogg *.tga *.tif *.wav
  Earache Extreme Metal Racing *.wad
  Earth 2150: The Moon Project *.wd*.tex *.wav
  Earth 2160 *.wd
  Earth And Beyond *.mix
  Earthsiege *.vol
  Earthsiege 2 *.vol*.wav
  Earthworm Jim 3D *.dat
  Earthworms *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Echelon *.cmp *.dat *.sfx *.dat
  Echo: Secret of the Lost Cavern *.bf *.jp6*.jpg *.ogg
  eFootball 24 *.acb *.awb*.hca
  Egypt: Old Kingdom *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  El Airplane *.arh
  El Matador *.dat *.dat*.dat *.dds *.ogg *.tga *.wav
  Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall *.bsa *.packed.dat
  Elder Scrolls: Arena *.bsa
  Electranoid *.res
  Elephant In The Room *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Elf Bowling: Hawaiian Vacation *.gfx*.jpg *.png
  Elf Bowling: The Last Insult *.gfx*.gif *.jpg *.png
  Elite Warriors: Vietnam *.za*.dds *.tga *.wav
  Elven Legacy *.pack*.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.png *.wav
  Elven Mists *.stg*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Elveon *.upk *.udk*.palette *.texture
  Emergency *.pak
  EMMA The Story *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Emperor: Battle for Dune *.bag
  Empire 2 *.dat
  Empire Earth *.ssa *.ssa *.*.jpg *.mp3 *.tga *.wav
  Empire Earth 2 *.zip
  Empire Earth 3 *.map *.zip *.wld*.bmp *.dds *.tga *.wav
  Empires: Dawn Of The Modern World *.ssa*.mp3
  Endless Space *.assets*.Texture2D
  Endorlight *.audo *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Enemy Front *.pak*.dds *.mp2 *.ogg
  Enemy Nations *.dat
  Enemy Territory: Quake Wars *.mega *.pk4
  Energy Nodes *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  English Country Tune *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D *.wav
  Enigma Virtual Box *.exe *.pak
  Enslaved *.u*.Texture2D
  Enter The Gungeon *.assets *.assets.resS *.bnk*.Texture2D
  Enter The Matrix *.dcx
  Enter The Matrix [PS2]*.dfu*.AudioClip *.vag
  Entomorph *.lib *.tlb
  Entrepreneur *.mtd*.wav
  Eon Fleet *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Epic drag puZOOls *.nw *.pak*.flac *.jpg *.ogg *.png *.webp
  Epic PVP Castles *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Epic Roll *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Epic Warhammer 40k: Final Liberation *.muk
  Epistory: Typing Chronicles *.assets *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D
  Equalizer *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Eragon *.wad
  Escape Doodland *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Escape From Here *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Escape From Monkey Island *.lab *.m4b
  Escape From Tarkov *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Escape From Tethys *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Escape Velocity Nova *.rez
  Eschalon: Book 1 *.pak*.png
  Esoteria *.22k *.e3*.bmp
  ESPN National Hockey Night *.bin*.bin_tex
  ESPN NFL 2K5 [XBox]*.
  ESPN NFL 2K8 [PS2]*.
  ESPN NHL Hockey [PS2]*.dat *.heads.dat *.portrait.cdf*.dat_tex *.db *.iff *.names.dat
  E-Sport Manager *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Eternal Poison [PS2]*.dat*.tm2
  Eternal War: Shadows Of Light *.bsp *.wad*.lmp
  Eternam *.pak *.nar
  Etherborn *.assets *.assets.resS *.bank*.Texture2D *.wav
  Ethereal *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Etherlords *.res*.bmp *.jpg *.wav *.wav
  Etherlords 2 *.res *.res*.bmp *.jpg *.mp3 *.wav
  Euclidean *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Euro 2000 *.viv
  Euro Truck Simulator *.scs*.dds *.ogg
  Euro Truck Simulator 2 *.scs*.bmp *.dds *.ogg
  Europa Universalis 4 *.zip*.dds
  European Air War *.cdf*.wav *.adp *.snd
  Evasive Action *.bbm *.lbm
  Eve Online *.stuff*.dds *.jpg *.mp3 *.ogg *.png *.tga *.wav
  Everything *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Evil Come *.nw *.pak*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Evil Dead *.pc *.pc_wav_arc*.dds *.jpg *.pc_mesh *.wav
  Evil Dead: Regeneration *.fsb *.fsb *.*.wav
  Evil Dead: Regeneration [PS2]*.fsb
  Evil Genius *.erb*.tga
  Evil Islands: Curse Of The Lost Soul *.res*.wav
  Evoland *.pak*.jpg *.mp3 *.ogg *.png *.wav
  Evoland 2 *.pak
  Evolo.Evolution *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Evolution GT *.mix *.partimages*.dds *.dxt *.png
  Evolvation *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Excessive Speed *.syn *.vol
  Excitebots: Trick Racing *.res *.
  Exit Fate *.rgssad*.jpg *.png
  Exit Limbo *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Exmachina *.gdp
  Exophobia *.dat *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Expendable *.bdf *.bdf*.tga *.wav
  Explodemon *.pak *.*.mus *.sfx *.tex
  Exteel *.upk *.udk*.palette *.texture
  Eye of the Beholder *.pak *.pak
  Eye of the Beholder 3: Assault On Myth Drannor *.res
  F1 2015 *.bnk *.nfs
  F1 2018 *.bnk *.erp *.nfs*.wav *.wem
  F1 22 *.nfs
  F1 Challenge 99-02 *.mas
  F-14 Fleet Defender *.rnc
  F-16 Multirole Fighter *.pff *.sbf*.bmp *.pcx *.wav *.wav
  F-22 Lightning 2 *.res
  F-22 Lightning 3 *.pff *.pff *.sbf*.bmp *.pcx *.tga *.wav *.wav
  F-22 Raptor *.pff*.bmp *.pcx
  F-22 Total Air War *.dat *.z
  Faces Of War *.pak*.bmp *.dds *.mp3 *.tga *.wav
  Faeria *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Fahrenheit [PS2]*.dat
  Fahrenheit (demo) *.dat
  Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered *.dat *.d01 *.d02 *.d03 *.d04 *. *.
  Fairy Escape *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Fairyland: Blackberry Warrior *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Fairyland: Chronicle *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Fairyland: Power Dice *.pak*.png *.wav
  Falcon 4 *.zip*.pcx
  Fall of Porcupine: Prologue *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank*.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Fall of the New Age *.assets *.shd*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes *.dxpack *.zip*.bmp *.png
  Falling Words *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Fallout *.dat
  Fallout 2 *.dat
  Fallout 3 *.bsa*.dds *.mp3 *.ogg *.psd *.tex *.wav
  Fallout Shelter [Android]*.assets *.resS *.resource *.split# *.obb*.Texture2D
  Fallout Shelter *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Fallout Tactics *.bos *.mis *.pck*.jpg *.mp3 *.wav
  Fallout: New Vegas *.bsa*.dds *.ogg *.tex *.wav
  Fantastic 4 *.fs
  Fantastic 4 [XBox]*.fs
  Fantasy General 2 *.assets *.resS *.resource *.ogcp *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Far Cnight *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Far Cry *.cgf *.cga *.dat *.pak *.pak*.dds *.ogg *.wav
  Far Cry [XBox]*.dat *.xpr
  Far Cry Instincts *.dat
  Far Cry Instincts: Evolution *.dat
  Faraday Protocol *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  FarCraft *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Farlanders Prologue *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Farscape: The Game *.fsa
  Fashion Apprentice *.pak*.jpg *.png *.psd
  FAST Racing League [Wii]*.app*.jpg *.ogl *.tpl
  Faster Than Light *.dat*.ogg *.png *.wav
  FastGo Running *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Fatal Inertia *.upk *.udk*.palette *.texture
  Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise *.he1
  FBI Hostage Rescue *.csa
  FEAR *.arch00*.cur *.dds *.dds *.Model00p *.psd *.wav *.wav
  FEAR 2: Project Origin *.arch01*.dds *.wav *.wav
  FEAR 3 *.dsPack *.*.wav
  FEAR: Extraction Point *.arch00*.cur *.dds *.dds *.wav *.wav
  FEAR: Perseus Mandate *.arch00*.cur *.dds *.dds *.wav *.wav
  Feather *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Fergus The Fly *.jar *.*.mp3 *.png
  Fez *.pak *.xnb*.ogg *.SoundEffect *.Texture2D
  Fictorum *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Fiends of Imprisonment *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  FIFA 06 *.big*.fsh
  FIFA 07 *.big*.fsh
  FIFA 08 *.asf *.vp6 *.big *.vp6*.fsh
  FIFA 09 *.big*.fsh
  FIFA 10 *.big*.fsh
  FIFA 11 [PS2]*.big*.ssh
  FIFA 2000 *.abg *.ama *.big *.dua *.fra *.gea *.poa *.spa *.swa *.uka *.viv*.fsh
  FIFA 2001 *.big *.viv
  FIFA 2002 *.big *.viv
  FIFA 2003 *.big *.viv
  FIFA 2004 *.big *.dat
  FIFA 2005 *.big *.dat
  FIFA 99 *.big*.fsh
  FIFA Manager 06 *.big *.mus*.bmp *.fsh *.tga
  FIFA Manager 08 *.big*.bmp *.fsh *.tga
  FIFA Manager 09 *.big*.bmp *.fsh *.tga
  FIFA Manager 10 *.big*.bmp *.fsh *.tga
  FIFA Manager 11 *.big*.bmp *.fsh *.tga
  FIFA Mod Manager *.fifamod*.dds *.fifa_tex
  FIFA World Cup 2006 *.big*.fsh
  Fighting Force *.pdt *.wad*.pbl *.pdt_tex *.wav
  Fighting Steel *.cat*.bmp
  Figment *.assets *.assets *.resS *.resource *.assets.resS*.Texture2D *.Texture2D
  Figment: Creed Valley *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Filament *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15 *.rpack*.tex_data
  Final Fantasy 7 *.lgp
  Final Take *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Finder *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Fire Captain: Fire Department 2 *.bank *.pak*.dds
  Fire Starter *.zip
  Fireburst *.u *.upk *.asamu*.SoundNodeWave *.Texture2D
  Firefly Online: Cortex *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Firestorm: Thunderhawk 2 *.wad
  First Feudal *.dat *.win*.ogg *.png
  First Flight *.cat
  First Telegram War *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  First To Fight *.pwb*.wav
  Fitzzle Mighty Bears *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Fitzzle Precious Dolphins *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Fitzzle Wise Owls *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Five Keys to Exit *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Five Nations *.pak *.*.flac *.png
  Five Rooms *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Fizzball *.dat*.bmp *.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Flashback *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Flashout 3 *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bnk *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Flashout 3D Enhanced *.assets*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D
  Flat Kingdom *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  FlatFatCat *.jar*.jpg *.jpg *.mp3 *.png
  FlatOut *.bfs
  FlatOut 2 *.bfs*.dds *.wav
  Flight of the Paladin *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  FLOCK! *.fpk*.dds *.wav
  Flooded *.dat *.txtr *.win*.wav
  Floras Fruit Farm *.*
  Floresia I: Intemporel *.egd *.*.jpg *.ogg *.png *.wav
  Flotilla *.xnb*.Texture2D
  Flotus *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Fluffy Friends *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Fluffy Friends 2 *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  FLUID *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Flurius *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Flux8 *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Fly O'Clock *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Fly The Plane *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Flying Saucer *.ff*.bmp
  Food Force *.cxt *.dxr
  Food Hunter *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Football Manager 2006 *.qfm
  Football Manager 2009 *.fmf *.qfm*.dds *.jpg *.png
  Football Manager 2010 *.fmf *.qfm*.dds *.jpg *.png
  Football Manager 2011 *.fmf*.dds *.jpg *.png
  Football Manager 2020 *.fmf *.dat*.jpg *.png *.wav
  FootLOL: Epic Fail League *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  For Honor *.forge
  For The King *.assets *.assets.resS *.bnk *.resource *.wem*.Texture2D *.wav
  Ford Racing *.spc
  Ford Racing 3 *.pcg*.dxt3 *.wav
  Forgotten Fields *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Formula 1 *.dat*.wav
  Formula X *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Fortified *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Fortune 499 *.assets *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D
  Forza MotorSport *.cab *.ca2
  Forza MotorSport [XBox]*.cab *.ca2
  Fotonica *.assets *.assets.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Four Sided Fantasy *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Fract *.assets*.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Fractured Minds *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Fragile Ball *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Fran Bow *.audo *.win*.ogg *.png
  Frank Herbert's Dune *.dun*.bmp *.png *.wav
  Frank the Miner *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Frankenstein: Master Of Death *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Freaky Awesome *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Frederic: Evil Strikes Back *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Frederic: Resurrection of Music *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Frederic: Resurrection of Music: Remastered *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Free Extractor *.xca
  Freedom Defender *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Freedom Fighters *.zip
  Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich *.ff*.dds *.mp3 *.tga *.wav
  FreeFly Burning *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Freelancer *.flmod
  Freespace 2 *.vp*.pcx *.wav
  Freezeer *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png
  From Dusk Till Dawn *.gtz*.tga *.wav
  Frontline Attack: War Over Europe *.wd
  Frontline: Fields of Thunder *.pak*.cur *.dds *.tga *.wav
  Frontlines: Fuel of War *.u
  Frontlines: Fuel Of War *.upk
  Frostpunk *.dat*.dat89_tex *.ogg
  Frosty Tool Suite *.fbmod *.fifamod *.fifamod*.png
  Frozen Synapse Prime *.pkdwin*.dds *.ogg
  Fruit Crush *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png
  Fruit Pop II *.audo *.win *.*.png *.wav
  Fruit Soduko 2 *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Fruit Soduko 3 *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  FUEL *.sdx
  Fuga: Melodies of Steel *.pak*.png *.psd *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Full Spectrum Warrior *.xwb
  Full Spectrum Warrior [XBox]*.xwb
  Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers *.tex
  Full Throttle Remastered *.data *.*.dxt *.lbm *.png *.wav
  Futurama [XBox]*.img
  Future Proof *.pak *.*.png
  Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf *.res
  G Prime Into The Rain *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Gabriel Knight 3 *.brn*.wav
  Galactic Civilizations 2: Dread Lords *.dxpack*.bmp *.png
  Galactic Civilizations 3 *.msscmp *.pak*.png *.vba *.wav
  Galactic Command: Echo Squad *.zip*.bmp *.dds *.png *.tga *.wav
  Galactic Lords *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Galaxia Conquestum *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Galaxium *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Galaxy 3D Space Defender *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Galaxy Admirals *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Galleon: Island Of Mystery [XBox]*.pkg
  Game Corp DX *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Game of Life *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Game, Net, Match *.dat *.lib
  Gamecraft *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank*.ogg *.Texture2D
  Gamedec *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Gang of Four *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Gangland *.lfm*.dds *.ogg *.png *.wav
  Gangs Of Space *.assets *.resS *.resource
  Gardener The Ripper *.nw *. *.pak *.*.png *.wav
  Garfield Kart *.assets*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D
  Gateworld *.gw1
  Gazzel Quest, The Five Magic Stones *.pak*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  G-Dino's Jungle Adventure *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png
  Gears Of War *.u*.palette *.texture
  Gemini Rue *.vox*.ogg
  Gene Troopers *.fs*.dds
  Generic GZip Archive *.gz
  Generic Rar Archive *.rar
  Generic TAR Archive *.tar
  Generic XBox Archive [XBox]*.xpr
  Generic Zip Archive *.zip
  Genesis Alpha One *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Genocide *.pak *.wad
  Genshin Impact *.pak *.*.flac *.png
  German Truck Simulator *.scs*.dds *.ogg
  Get Even *.bnk *.upk *.upk*.SoundNodeWave *.StaticMesh *.Texture2D *.wav
  Getting Over It *.assets *.assets.resS *.pak *.resource*.AudioClip *.jpg *.ogg *.png *.Texture2D *.webp
  Gex *.lev *.idl
  Gex 2: Enter The Gecko *.pkr *.tad *.vfx*.vfx_tex *.wav
  Ghost Killer *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Ghost Of A Tale *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Ghost Recon *.u*.palette *.rsb *.texture
  Ghost Recon 2 *.u*.palette *.texture
  Ghost Recon 2 [XBox]*.xwb
  Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter *.bundle
  Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 *.bundle
  Ghostbusters: The Video Game: Remastered *.pod*.smp *.smp *.tex
  Ghostrunner *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Ghoulboy *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams: Rise of the Owlverlord *.pak*.dds *.png *.wav
  Giants Citizen Kabuto *.gzp
  Giants Citizen Kabuto: Reaper *.gzp*.tga *.wav
  Gift of Parthax *.assets *.resS *.resource *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D
  Gladiator Trainer *.assets *.resS *.resource *.rgss3a*.Texture2D
  Gladiator: Sword Of Vengeance *.mfs
  Gladiator: Sword Of Vengeance [XBox]*.mfs
  Gladius [PS2]*.bec
  Glass Masquerade *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Glitched *.audo *.dat *.win*.ogg *.wav
  Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Global Operations *.rez*.dtx *.pcx *.tga
  Global Ops: Commando Libya *.u *.upk*.SoundNodeWave *.texture2d
  Gloom *.dat *. *.win *.*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Gloomhaven *.assets *.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D
  Gloomwood *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Glow *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Glowfish *.dat*.dds *.ogg *.png *.wav
  GNOG *.assets *.assets *.resS *.resource *.assets.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D
  G-Nome *.bin *.bin *.bin *.bin
  Go Kart Survival *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Goat of Duty *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde [XBox]*.baf*.dds
  Goblins *.stk
  Goblins 2 *.stk
  Goblins 3 *.stk *.itk *.ltk
  Goblins Keep Coming: Tower Defense *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  God Game: The Odyssey *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  God Vs Zombies *.win*.png
  Godfall *.pak *.ucas*.gif *.jpg *.png *.psd
  God's Trigger *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Gods Will Fall *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank*.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Goetia *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Gold Digger Maze *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Golden Dungeons *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Golden Fever *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Golf Extreme *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  GolfStar *.gsr
  Gone Fireflies *.pak*.png
  Gone Home *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D *.wav
  GoNNER *.assets *.assets *.resS *.resource *.assets.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D *.wav *.wav
  GooCubelets *.assets *.resource*.Texture2D
  GooCubelets 2 *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  GooCubelets: OCD *.assets *.resource*.Texture2D
  GooCubelets: The Algoorithm *.assets *.resource*.Texture2D
  GooCubelets: The Void *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Goodbye My King *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Google Gadget *.gg
  Google My Tracks *.kmz
  GOR: Gorilla Office Rampage *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Gorky 17 *.kdt *.dat *.spr*.spr_tex
  Gorky Zero: Aurora Watching *.zap
  Gothic 3 *.pak
  GP500 *.slv *.zip*.bmp *.wav
  G-Police *.rdt*.wav
  Granado Espada *.ipf
  Grand Ages: Medieval *.fuk*.bmp *.png *.wav
  Grand Ages: Rome *.hpk *.hpk*.bmp *.bmp *.dds *.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.ogg *.tga *.tga *.wav *.wav
  Grand Prix 2 *.bin
  Grand Prix 3 *.bin
  Grand Prix Legends *.dat
  Grandia 2 [Dreamcast]*.afs
  Grandia 2 *.afs
  Grandpa *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Grape Jelly *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Grav Blazer *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Grave Prosperity: Redux Part 1 *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Gravity Light *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Gravity Puzzles *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Gray Matter *.pak*.dds *.png
  Greak Memories of Azur *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Great Battles of WWII: Stalingrad *.pak*.dds *.tga *.wav
  Greed Corp *.fsb *.*.wav
  Greed Corp. *.BlueResourcePC_Windows*.dds
  Green Eggs and Ham *.mhk*.wav
  Green Valley: Fun on the Farm *.stg*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Greeng 2D Dungeon *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Grey Goo *.meg *.*.dds *.tga
  Greyfox *.assets *.resS *.resource *.rgss3a*.png *.Texture2D
  GRID Autosport *.bnk *.nfs*.wav
  Grim Fandango *.lab
  Grim Fandango Remastered *.lab*.png
  Grimm *.u *.upk*.SoundNodeWave *.texture2d
  Grimm and Tonic *.pak *.*.png
  GROM: Terror in Tibet *.pak*.tga
  Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus *.sdf
  GT Legends *.gtl*.bmp *.dds *.tga
  GTA 4 *.wtd*.dds
  GTA San Andreas *.img
  GTA Vice City *.adf*.adf
  GTA3 *.adf*.adf
  GTA4 *.pak
  GTR: FIA GT Racing *.gtr*.bmp *.tga
  GTR2 *.gtr*.bmp *.dds *.tga
  Guacamelee! *.fsb.win32*.mp3 *.wav
  Guardian of Paradise *.qda*.bmp
  Guess Who? *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Guild of Darksteel *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Guilty Gear X *.bin *.bin *.bin *.bin*.wav
  Guinea-Pig *.nw *. *.pak *.*.png
  Guitar Hero [PS2]*.ark
  Gunlock *.dat
  Gunman Chronicles *.pak
  Gunmetal Arcadia Zero *.npk*.bmp *.dds *.wav
  Guns And Robots *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d *.unity3d *.*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Guns of Icarus Alliance *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Guns of Icarus Online *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Gunship! *.cat
  Gunspell *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Gwent *.assets *.resS *.resource *.pck
  H.I.S.T.O.R.Y T.O.R.C.H.K.A 2 *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  H0ST *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Hacknet *.pak *.xnb*.png *.SoundEffect *.Texture2D *.wav
  HackyZack *.audo *.dat *. *.win *.*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Haimrik *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Half Past Impossible *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Half-Life [Dreamcast]*.pak *.wad
  Half-Life *.pak *.wad *.wad *.*.mip *.mip *.wav
  Half-Life 2 *.bsp *.cache *.gcf *.vpk*.bmp *.mp3 *.vtf *.vtf *.wav
  Half-Life 2: Deathmatch *.vpk*.vtf
  Half-Life: Blue Shift *.wad *.*.mip
  Half-Life: Deathmatch Classic *.wad *.*.mip
  Half-Life: Episode 1 *.vpk *.*.mp3 *.vtf *.wav
  Half-Life: Episode 2 *.vpk *.*.mp3 *.vtf *.wav
  Half-Life: Lost Coast *.vpk *.*.mp3 *.vtf *.wav
  Half-Life: Opposing Force *.wad *.*.mip
  Half-Life: Source *.vpk*.mp3 *.tga *.vtf *.vtf *.wav
  Halloween Harry *.-0 *.bnk *.-0*.1 *.2 *.3 *.4 *.5 *.pcc *.pcx *.pcx
  Halo *.map
  Halo Wars *.u*.palette *.texture
  Hammer And Sickle *.res*.ogg
  Hammerting *.bank *.wkz*.img *.ogg
  Hand of Fate 2 *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d*.Texture2D
  Hands Of Fate *.pak
  HandyCopter *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Hanse: The Hanseatic League *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Happy Game *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Happy Santa *.nw *.pak*.png
  Hard Truck: 18 Wheels Of Steel *.zipfs
  Hardball *.glu
  Hardcore Survival *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets *.u *.uax *.unr *.utx*.palette *.texture *.texture
  Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire *.big
  Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire [PS2]*.big
  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince *.big
  Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince *.big
  Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix *.big *.shd *.ffs*.fsh
  Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone *.u*.palette *.texture
  Harry Potter And The Prizoner Of Azkaban *.u*.palette *.texture
  Harry Potter And The Prizoner Of Azkaban [XBox]*.mus
  Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone *.u*.palette *.texture
  Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone [XBox]*.hog
  Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup *.ccd *.ccd *. *.mus *.*.asf *.fsh *.fsh
  Harvester *.dat *.dat*.bmp *.idx *.pcx *.wav
  Haunt Chaser *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Haven Moon *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Haven Park *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Hazard: Journey Of Life *.u *.upk *.udk*.texture2d
  Hazardous Space *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Head Shot *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Headlander *.~p*.Texture
  HeadRush *.srf
  HeadSnatchers *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Heart of the Forest *.assets *.resS *.bank*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Hearts Of Iron 3 *.rar*.bmp *.dds
  Heath: The Unchosen Path *.nrm
  Heaven Island Life *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Heaven Island VR MMO *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Heaven's Vault *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Heavy Dreams *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Heavy Gunner *.u*.palette *.texture
  Heavy Metal FAKK 2 *.zip
  HecatoncheirStory *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Hedon *.ipk3 *.pk3 *.wad*.ogg *.png
  Hegemony: Philip Of Macedon *.arc
  Hell Architect *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Hell Is Other Demons *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Hell Pie *.bank *.uasset*.ogg *.png *.Texture2D
  HellCat *.dat *.win*.png *.wav
  Helldivers *.*.dds *.ogg *.wav
  Helldorado *.pak
  Hellforces *.res
  Hellhog XP *.a
  Hellion *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d *.bank *.bnk *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Hello Neighbor *.pak *.uasset*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Hello Pollution *.nw *. *.pak *.*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Hellphobia *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Hellpoint *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Hellpoint: The Thespian Feast *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Hentai 3018 *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Hentai Strike *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Hentai Tentacle Bicycle Race *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Herald: An Interactive Period Drama *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Hercules *.fs *.fsd
  Heretic *.wad *.rts
  Heretic 2 *.pak
  Hero Defense *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Heroes and Generals WWII *.bank *.bank *.bin*.ogg *.smp
  Heroes Arena *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Heroes Chronicles *.lod *.snd *.vid
  Heroes of Annihilated Empires *.gsc
  Heroes of Might and Magic *.agg
  Heroes of Might and Magic 2 *.agg
  Heroes of Might and Magic 3 *.lod *.snd *.vid
  Heroes of Might and Magic 4 *.h4r
  Heroes of Might and Magic 5 *.pak*.dds *.ogg *.wav
  Heroes of Newerth *.s2z*.dds *.ogg *.tga *.wav
  Heroes Of The Offworld Arena *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Heroes Of The Pacific *.ffs *.fsb *.fsb *. *.tar*.ico *.png *.wav
  Heroes Of The Pacific [PS2]*.fsb
  Heroes Tactics *._zip
  Hexen *.wad *.rts
  Hexen 2 *.pak
  Hexopods *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Hexus *.bzs *.*.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.png *.psd *.wav
  Hi Hotel *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Hidden *.bsp*.vtf
  Hidden and Dangerous *.dta*.bmp *.ogg *.pcx *.wav
  Hidden And Dangerous *.rar
  Hidden Folks *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Hidden Strike 2 *.aps
  High Heat Baseball 2000 *.table *.tex*.bmp
  Highrise City *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Highway Pursuit *.hfd *.hgd *.hmd *.hod *.hsd *.hvd
  Higurashi When They Cry Hou: Chapter 1: Onikakushi *.assets*.Texture2D
  Hitch Hiker *.assets *.assets.resS *.bank*.ogg *.Texture2D
  Hitch Hiker: First Ride *.assets *.resS*.Texture2D
  Hitman (2016) *.rpkg
  Hitman 2 *.rpkg *.
  Hitman 2: Silent Assasin *.zip
  Hitman 3 *.rpkg*.gfxi *.gfxi
  Hitman GO *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Hitman: Blood Money *.str *.zip
  Hitman: Codename 47 *.dxt *.lgt *.pal *.zip*.1txd *.3txd *.abgr *.nlap
  Hitman: Contracts *.zip
  Hitori *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  HIVE *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Hiveswap Act 1 *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Hob *.bank *.pak*.dds *.ogg *.png *.tga *.wav
  Hollow Knight *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Hollywood Monsters *.m** *.s**
  Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop! *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Home Is Where Chip Is *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Homefront *.upk *.map*.texture2d
  Homeworld *.big *.vce *.wxd*.jpg
  Homeworld 2 *.big*.jpg *.tga
  Homeworld Remastered *.big*.dds *.tga *.wav
  Hoo-Boy *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Hoopworld *.u
  Hope Lake *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Hopkins FBI *.res
  Horace *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  HordeCore *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Horizon Chase Turbo *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Horny Fighter *.pak *.*.ogg *.png *.Texture2D
  Hospital Tycoon *.pak*.dds
  Hostile Waters *.mbx *.mng*.pcx *.ppm *.tga *.wav
  Hot Floor *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Hot Rod American Street Drag *.rod
  Hot Tin Roof *.assets*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D
  Hotel Dracula *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Hotel Giant *.res*.bmp *.wav
  Hotline Miami *.wad*.png *.wav
  House of 1000 Doors: Evil Inside *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D
  House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets *.pak *.pak
  House of 1000 Doors: Serpent Flame *.pak
  House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster *.pak *.pak
  House of Caravan *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  House Of The Dead 3 *.zip*.dds
  Hover *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  How To Survive *.mcc *.rck *.eng *.rus *.jap *.fre *.ger *.ita *.kor *.por *.sch *.spa *.tha *.tur*.bmp *.dds *.tga *.wav
  How To Survive 2 *.rck *.eng *.rus *.jap *.fre *.ger *.ita *.kor *.por *.sch *.spa *.tha *.tur*.dds *.wav
  Hoyle Board Games 2005 *.zip
  Hoyle Board Games 3 *.prf*.wave
  Hoyle Card Games 2005 *.zip
  Hoyle Card Games 3 *.prf*.wave
  Hoyle Casino 4 *.prf*.wave
  Hoyle Casino 98 *.prf*.btmp *.wave
  Hoyle Casino 99 *.prf
  Hoyle Word Games *.prf*.wave
  HROT *.pak*.3ds *.jpg *.md2 *.tga *.wav
  Hue *.assets *.assets *.resS *.resource *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D *.wav
  Hundred Days: Winemaking Simulator *.assets *.resS *.bank*.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Hunter's Grimm *.rgss3a *.zip*.jpg *.png
  Hunting Unlimited 3 *.zip
  Hurricane Ship Ghost *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Huxley *.u*.palette *.texture
  Hyper Cycles *.adt
  Hyper Scape *.bnk *.forge *.pck*.wav
  HyperBall Racing *.Textures*.3dg*.dds
  Hyperdrive Massacre *.assets*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream *.res*.wav
  I Want Cookies *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  I Was An Atomic Mutant *.zip
  I, The Gangster *.rez
  Ice Age 2: The Meltdown *.000
  Icons: Combat Arena *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Identity V *.fsb *.npk *.pak *.*.bmp *.flac *.jpg *.ogg *.png *.webp *.xbt
  Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Iesabel *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  If You Know What I Mean *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Ignition *.pfm
  IGT Slots Paradise Garden *.assets *.unity3d*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Illusoria *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  I'm Not A Monster *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Imagine Earth *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Immersion *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Immortal Redneck *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Impact Winter *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Imperial Glory *.pak
  Imperialism 2 *.rsr *.rsrc*.pict
  Imperium Galactica *.pac*.pcx
  Imperium Galactica 2 *.dat
  Imperium Romanum *.hpk*.bmp *.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.tga *.wav
  Imperivm: Great Battles of Rome *.pak
  In Game Adventure: Legend Of Monsters *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  In Memory of TITAN *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  In Sound Mind *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  In The Fighting *.nw *.pak*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  In The Raven Shadow *.dat *.lib
  Inca Blocks *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Inca Marbles *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love *.pack*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Indecision *.nw *. *.pak *.*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Indiana Jones [PS2]*.pk2
  Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis *.001 *.sou*.voc
  Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine *.gob*.bmp
  Indycar Racing *.dat*.pcx
  Infected Battlegrounds *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Infection: Humanity's Last Gasp *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Infernal *.zap
  Infernales *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Infinite Road *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Infinity Wings: Scout and Grunt *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  In-Fishermen Freshwater Trophies *.pkf
  Influent *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Inherit The Earth: Quest For The Orb *.rsc
  Injured By Space *.nw *.pak*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Inner Space *.assets *.assets.resS *.pak *.resource *.*.flac *.ogg *.png *.Texture2D
  Inquisitor *.dat*.bmp *.ogg *.tga *.wav
  Inscryption *.assets *.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D
  Insects Runner *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Inside *.assets *.bnk *.wem*.Texture2D *.wav
  InstallShield *.cab *.cab *.cab
  Instant Death *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Insurgency *.vpk *.vpk *. *.vpk *.*.AudioClip *.cur *.ico *.png *.vtf *.vtf *.wav
  Insurmountable *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Interkosmos *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Interstate '76 *.mw2 *.zfs*.wav
  Interstate '82 *.zfs
  Interstellar Marines *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Into The Breach *.bank *.dat*.ogg *.png
  Invasion of Barbarians *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png
  Inverted *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png
  Invisible Inc. *.kwad *.zip*.fsb *.tex
  Invisible Mind *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  iO *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Ion Assault *.pak*.dds *.wav
  Iratus: Lord of the Dead *.assets *.resS *.resource *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Mesh *.ogg *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D
  Iris and the Giant *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Iron Defense *.assets *.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Iron Grip: Warlord *.pk3*.dds *.ogg *.wav
  Iron Power *.pak *.*.ogg *.png *.Texture2D
  Iron Sky Invasion *.gpk *.*.bmp *.dds *.mp3 *.ogg *.png
  Ironcast *.assets *.unity3d*.Texture2D
  Itch *.psh
  It's A Wrap *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  It's Quiz Time *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  IWO: Bloodbath In The Bonins *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Jack Keane *.dat*.dds *.tga
  Jack Nicklaus 4 *.bgf
  Jack Nicklaus 5 *.edf*.wav
  Jack Orlando *.pak *.phk *.ph2
  Jacked *.old *.dat
  Jacked [PS2]*.old *.dat
  Jade Empire *.rim
  Jagged Alliance *.dat*.pcx
  Jagged Alliance 2 *.slf
  Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games *.cpn *.dat*.pcx
  Jalopy *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  James Cameron's Avatar - The Game *.pak
  James Cameron's Dark Angel [XBox]*.rcf
  Jammerball *.assets*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Jane Angel: Templar Mystery *.bzs *.*.jpg *.ogg *.png *.psd *. *.wav
  Janken Cards *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Janosik *.nw *. *.pak *.*.flac *.ogg *.png
  JASEM Just Another Shooter with Electronic Music *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Jawns *.asar *.pak*.gif *.mp3 *.png *.wav
  Jazz Jackrabbit 2 *.j2a *.j2d *.j2l *.j2t*.picture
  Jazz Jackrabbit 3D *.u *.umx *.unr *.utx*.Sound *.Texture
  Jedi Knight *.zip
  Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 *.gob
  Jedi Knight: Mysteries Of The Sith *.goo *.zip*.mat *.wav
  Jets N Guns *.dat
  Jikandia: The Timeless Land [PSP]*.at3 *.jrz*.bmp
  Joint Operations Combined Arms *.pff *.sbf*.dds *.pcx *.png *.tga *.wav *.wav
  Joint Operations: Escalation *.pff
  Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising *.pff
  Jones On Fire *.assets*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D
  Jotun *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Joumee The Hedgehog *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Journey To The Center Of The Earth *.0000 *.assets*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Juiced *.dat
  Juiced [PS2]*.dat*.bmp
  Jump Stars *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Jump Stop *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Jump To The Circle *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Jumper Starman *.nw *. *.pak *.*.flac *.jpg *.png *.webp
  Jungle Strike *.dat
  Jurassic City Walk *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Jurassic Park: Trespasser *.smk *.tpa*.wav
  Just Cause *.arc *.sab *.sarc*.dds
  Just Cause [Xbox 360]*.arc*.dds
  Just Cause 2 *.arc *.fsb *. *.sarc*.dds *.mp3
  Just Cause 3 *.arc
  Just Cause 4 *.arc
  Just Die Already *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  JY2 *.u*.palette *.texture
  JYDGE *.pak*.jpg *.ogg *.png *.tga
  Kabounce *.pak *.*.ogg *.png *.Texture2D
  Kairo *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Kaleido Chaos *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days *.str*.ogg
  Kane and Lynch: Dead Men *.str
  Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 *.pak*.bmp *.tga *.wav
  KAPIA *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Karma. Incarnation 1 *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource *.bundlekarma*.Texture2D
  Kathy Rain *.assets *.resS *.resource *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *. *.vox*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Katie *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Keatz: The Lonely Bird *.audo *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Keeplanet *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Keepsake *.zip*.jpg *.png *.tga
  Kens Labyrinth *.kzp
  Kentucky Route Zero *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Keyboard Sports *.assets *.assets *.resS *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D
  Khan vs Kahn *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  KHOLAT *.pak*.png
  Kick Ass Commandos *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Kicking Kittens: Putin Saves The World *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Kid A Mnesia Exhibition *.pak*.png *.psd *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Kill Switch *.dat *.txd*.txd_tex
  Killer Is Dead *.u *.upk *.umap*.texture2d
  Killer Tank *.spr*.bmp
  Killing Floor 2 *.bnk *.upk *.wem*.Texture2D *.wav
  Killswitch *.dat
  Kimmy *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Kind Words *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  King Oddball [Android]*.pak*.jpg *.png
  King Of Fighters XIII *.pcs
  King Of Fighters: Maximum Impact [XBox]*.pak
  Kingdom *.assets *.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Kingdom Defense *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Kingdom O Magic *.dat
  Kingdom of Aurelia: Mystery of the Poisoned Dagger *.assets *.shd *.*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Kingdom Rush *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Kingdom: New Lands *.assets *.assets *.resS *.resource *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D *.wav
  Kingpin: Life of Crime *.pak*.pcx *.tga
  Kings Bounty: Armored Princess *.kfs
  King's Bounty: Armored Princess *.stream*.dxtmipmap
  Kings Bounty: The Legend *.kfs*.bmp *.dds *.ogg *.png *.tga *.wav
  King's Bounty: The Legend *.stream*.dxtmipmap
  Kings Quest 1: Quest for the Crown *.vox*.ogg
  Kings Quest 2: Romancing the Stones *.vox*.ogg
  KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child *.rez*.bmp *.dtx *.pcx *.wav
  Kitty Run *.nw *. *.pak *.*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Klingon Academy *.dat
  Klingon Honor Guard *.u*.palette *.texture
  Knife Battles *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Knife Flipping *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Knight Club *.dat *.win *.win*.png *.png *.wav *.wav
  Knight Online *.gtt *.dxt*.ftn
  Knight Rider 2 *.img*.tga
  Knight Rider 2 [PS2]*.img
  Knights Of Hearts *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource *.unity3d*.Texture2D
  Knockdown The Ball *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Koala Lumpur: Journey To The Edge *.mhk
  Kohan *.tgw*.wav
  Kohan 2: Kings Of War *.rwd*.mp3 *.png *.tga
  Kong *.zip
  Konung 2 *.resource *.resource *.resource *.resource *.resource
  Kraken Academy *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d *.bank *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Krondor *.bin *.bin *.bin *.bin
  Kung Fu Panda *.apk *.dat *.fsb *.*.mp3 *.png *.wav
  Kurokami-sama's Feast *.assets *.resS *.bundle *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Kyrandia *.pak
  Labyrinth Escape *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Labyrinths of Atlantis *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Labyronia RPG *.rgss3a*.jpg *.png
  Labyronia RPG 2 *.rgss3a*.jpg *.png
  Lacuna *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Laggerjack *.audo *.dat *.win*.ogg *.png
  Lagsters *.pak
  Lakeview Cabin Collection *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Land Of Legends *.wad
  Land Of The Dead: Road To Fiddlers Green *.dz *.u *.uax *.ukx *.usx *.utx*.palette *.texture *.texture
  Lands Of Lore: Throne of Chaos *.pak
  Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light *.000*.war
  Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris *.tiger
  Lara Croft GO *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Laser Light *.res
  Laserium *.audo *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Last Alive *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Last Call *.cxt *.dxr *.cxt *.dxr
  Last Day Of June *.assets *.assets.resS *.bank *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Last Dynasty *.itk
  Last Encounter *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Last Fort *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png
  Last Scenario *.rgssad*.jpg *.png
  Lauren's Visit *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Law And Order 3: Justice Is Served *.zip
  Lawn Mowing Simulator *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bundle *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Lawnmower Game 2: Drifter *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Layers of Fear *.assets *.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Layers of Fear 2 *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Le Mans 24 Hours *.pck *.sam*.wav
  Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West *.bundle *.fcl *.lhd*.dds *.ogg *.png *.tga *.wav
  Leadfoot *.pf *.pfb *.pfc*.bmp *.tga
  League of Evil *.rgf*.ogg *.png
  League of Legends *.fsb *.fsb *. *.zip*.bmp *.dds *.gif *.ico *.mp3 *.mp3 *.tga *.wav *.wav
  Learn Japanese To Survive! Hiragana Battle *.pak*.png *.wav
  Learn to Drive on Moto Wars *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Learn To Speak French *.trl *.lts
  Left 4 Dead *.vpk*.vtf
  Left 4 Dead 2 *.vpk*.vtf
  Legacy of Kain: Defiance *.dat *.vrm*.vrm_tex
  Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver *.big *.dat *.pcm*.dat_tex *.tex256
  Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 *.dat *.vrm*.ogg *.vrm_tex *.war
  Legend of Ares *.gtt *.dxt*.ftn
  Legend of Grimrock *.dat*.dds *.model *.ogg *.tga *.wav
  Legend of Grimrock 2 *.dat*.dds *.model *.ogg *.tga *.wav
  Legend of Keepers: Prologue *.assets *.assets.resS *.bank*.ogg *.Texture2D
  Legend of Mysteria *.assets *.resS *.resource *.rgss3a*.jpg *.png *.Texture2D
  Legend Of Princess *.wgm
  Legend: Hand Of God *.pak*.wav
  Legendary *.ppk *.u *.upk*.Texture2D
  Legendary Hunter VR *.pak
  Legends of Atlantis: Exodus *.vpb*.ogg *.png
  Lego Alpha Team *.pac*.dds *.tga
  LEGO Batman *.dat *.dat *.gsc*.dds *.wav
  LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes *.dat*.ogg *.png *.tex
  LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham *.dat*.ogg *.tex *.wav
  LEGO Bionicle Heroes *.dat*.dds
  LEGO Bricktales *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  LEGO Builder's Journey *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank*.Mesh *.Texture2D
  LEGO City Undercover *.dat *.pak*.ogg *.tex *.wav
  LEGO Creator Knights Kingdom *.pak*.btmp *.wave
  LEGO DC Super-Villains *.dat*.adp *.tex
  LEGO Digital Designer *.lif*.bmp *.gif *.jpg *.png *.wav
  LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 *.dat *.pak*.ogg *.tex *.wav
  LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 *.dat *.pak*.tex
  LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues *.dat *.pak*.tex *.wav
  LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures *.dat *.gsc*.dds *.wav
  Lego Island 2 *.bob*.msh *.tga
  LEGO Jurassic Park *.dat *.pak*.ogg *.tex *.wav
  LEGO Loco *.rfd*.bmp *.ico *.wav
  LEGO Lord of the Rings *.dat *.dat *.*.ogg *.png *.tex
  LEGO Marvel Super Heroes *.dat *.pak*.ogg *.tex *.wav
  LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 *.dat*.adp *.ogg *.tex
  LEGO Marvel's Avengers *.dat*.ogg *.tex *.wav
  LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean *.dat*.ogg *.tex *.wav
  LEGO Racers *.jam*.tga
  LEGO Rock Raiders *.wad
  LEGO Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy *.dat *.dat *.hgp *.nup*.bmp *.bmp *.dds *.dds *.gif *.gif *.jpg *.jpg *.png *.png *.tga *.tga
  LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars *.dat *.pak*.ogg *.tex *.wav
  LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga *.dat*.tex *.wav
  LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens *.dat*.ogg *.tex *.wav
  LEGO Super Mario [Android]*.bin*.bin_tex *.wav *.wav
  LEGO Super Mario [iOS]*.bin*.bin_tex *.wav *.wav
  LEGO The Hobbit *.dat *.dat *.*.ogg *.png *.tex *.wav
  LEGO The Incredibles *.dat*.adp *.ogg *.tex
  LEGO Worlds *.dat*.adp *.ogg *.tex
  Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up Or Slip Out *.sfx *.
  Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love For Sail *.sfx *.aud *.*.wav
  Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude *.afs *.jam*.bmp *.dds *.tga
  Lemmings 2 *.voc*.voc
  Lemmings Paintball *.vsr
  Lemmings Revolution *.box
  Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events *.u *.uax *.ukx *.unr *.usx *.utx*.palette *.texture *.texture
  Leon's Crusade *.nw *.pak*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Lethis: Daring Discoverers *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Let's Be Architects *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Let's Explore The Airport with Buzzy *.flfl *.he1 *.he2 *.he4*.digi *.soun *.talk
  Let's Explore The Farm with Buzzy *.flfl *.he1 *.he2 *.he4*.digi *.soun *.talk
  Let's Explore The Jungle with Buzzy *.flfl *.he1 *.he2 *.he4*.digi *.soun *.talk
  Let's Zig Zag *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  LGBT vs Russia Battlegrounds *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Liberated *.assets *.assets *.resS *.resource *.assets.resS *.bank *.bank *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D
  Lichdom: Battlemage *.pak*.bmp *.dds *.png
  Life Beetle *.pak*.png
  Life Is Strange *.bnk *.pck *.upk*.Texture2D *.wav
  Life Of D. Duck 2 *.vox*.ogg
  Lifeblood *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Lifeless Planet *.assets*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Light Gravity Cube *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Light Of Altair *.pak
  Lightning: D-Day *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Limbo *.bnk *.pkg*.wav
  Limiter *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Line Of Sight: Vietnam *.za
  Lineage 2 *.u*.palette *.texture
  Lineage 3 *.u*.palette *.texture
  Lineage Eternal *.dat
  Links 368 Pro *.crh *.mga *.fga *.lz *.wlz
  Links LS *.ls *.crx *.ani
  Lion *.gxl
  Lionheart: Legacy Of The Crusader *.dat
  Little Big Adventure 2 *.vox *.hqr *.ile *.obl*.hqr_tex *.hqr_texpal *.wav *.wav
  Little Farm *.sfs*.ogg *.png
  Little Inferno *.*.bgra
  Little Kite *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Little Nightmares *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Liveza: Death of the Earth *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png
  LMA Manager 2007 *.mng*.dds *.tm2
  Lock Parsing 2 *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Lode Runner Online *.prs
  Loftus *.vox*.ogg
  London Racer: Police Madness *.img
  London Racer: Police Madness [PS2]*.img
  London Taxi Rush Hour *.wad*.bmp *.png *.wav
  Long And Hard... Summer! *.audo *.txtr *.win*.wav
  Looking for Aliens *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Loop Hero *.dat *.win*.ogg *.png *.wav *.wav
  Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King *.scw *.scw *.swvr*.samp
  Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King [XBox]*.scx
  Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth *.scw
  Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth [XBox]*.scw
  Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth 2 *.viv *.big*.dds *.mp3 *.tga *.wav
  Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth 2 [XBox]*.viv *.big
  Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring *.scw
  Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers *.scw
  Lord Of The Rings: War Of The Ring *.h2o
  Loretta *.audo *.dat *.txtr *.win*.ogg *.wav
  Loria *.assets *.resS *.resource *.unity3d *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Lost *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Lost Daughter *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Lost in Space *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Lost in the Dungeon *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Lost in the Forest *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png
  Lost Legends: The Weeping Woman *.dat*.jpg *.ogg *.png *.tga
  Lost Odyssey *.u*.palette *.texture
  Lost Planet *.arc*.ogg *.png *.tex
  Lost with Dinosaurs *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png
  Love *.audo *.win *.*.ogg *.png
  Love Diary *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Love Games *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Love Letter *.assets *.resS*.Texture2D
  Lovecraft's Untold Stories *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Lovely Planet *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Lovers Smiles *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Lucius Demake *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Lucky Panda *.nw *.pak*.png
  Lumencraft *.pck*.oggstr *.png *.stex *.webp
  Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles *.bnk*.wav
  Luna Sky *.vsx
  Lunistice *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Lust from Beyond *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank*.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Luxor 2 HD *.mjz*.jpg *.ogg *.png *.tga
  Luxor 3 *.nhp*.jpg *.png
  Luxor Amun Rising HD *.mjz*.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.png *.tga
  Luxor Evolved *.mjz*.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.png *.tga
  Luxor HD *.mjz*.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.png *.tga
  Luxor Mahjong *.mjz*.jpg *.ogg *.tga
  Luxor: 5th Passage *.pfp*.jpg *.ogg *.png *.tga
  Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife *.npk*.jpg *.ogg *.png
  Lyric Sonata *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Mable and The Wood *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Macromedia Director *.cxt *.dxr *.cxt *.dxr
  Macromedia Shockwave *.cxt *.dxr *.cxt *.dxr
  Mad Dog McCree *.lib
  Mad Dog McCree 2: The Lost Gold *.lib
  Mad Games Tycoon *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Mad Max *.arc *.fsb *.sarc*.dds *.ddsc *.png
  Mad Ugly Dirty (M.U.D) TV *.dat*.dds *.png
  Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa *.arc *.bld
  Madden 2004 *.dat
  Madden 2005 *.dat
  Made Man *.mfs*.jpg *.tga *.wim
  Mages of Mystralia *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bnk *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  MageSlayer *.vpk*.wav
  Magic and Challenge RPG *.pak*.png *.wav
  Magic The Gathering: Arena *.assets *.assets.resS *.bnk *.wem*.Texture2D *.wav
  Magic: The Gathering *.cat
  Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds *.uax *.utx *.ukx *.usx *.u*.palette *.Sound *.StaticMesh *.Texture
  Magic: The Gathering: Battlegrounds *.u*.palette *.texture
  Magic: The Gathering: Online *.pig*.png
  MagiCats Builder *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Magicka *.xnb *.xwb*.Texture2D
  Magicka 2 *.*.dds *.ogg *.wav
  Magma Tsunami *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Magrunner *.upk*.SoundNodeWave
  Mainlining *.audo *.dat *.win*.ogg *.png
  Majestic Chess *.dat*.dds *.jpg *.tga
  Majesty *.cam *.cam
  Majesty 2 *.pak*.bmp *.dds *.mp3 *.tga *.wav
  Major Stryker *.ms1 *.ms2 *.ms3*.voc
  Mall Tycoon *.muk*.tex *.wav
  Maneater *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Maniac Mansion Deluxe *.vox
  Manual Samuel *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Marathon 2 *.sndA
  Marathon Infinity *.sndA
  Marble Duel *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  March of the Living *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Marco Polo *.dat
  Marine Sharpshooter *.rez
  Marine Sharpshooter 2: Jungle Warfare *.rez
  Mario Party 4 [GameCube]*.bin *.
  Mario Party 5 [GameCube]*.bin *.
  Mario Party 6 [GameCube]*.bin *.
  Mario Party 7 [GameCube]*.bin *.
  Mars or Die! *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Martial Law *.pck*.mp3str *.png
  Martian Law *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Marvel: Realm of Champions [Android]*.assets *.resS *.resource *.assetbundle*.Mesh *.Texture2D
  Marvel's Spider-Man [PS4]*.a00s0## *.g00s0##
  MarZ: Tactical Base Defense *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Mashed *.piz *.piz*.dds *.png
  Mask of the Rose *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bundle *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Masque Slots *.obl*.bmp *.wav
  Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom *.pc*.dds *.fsb
  Mass Effect *.u*.palette *.texture
  Mass Effect 2 *.pcc *.upk*.texture2d
  Massive Assault Network 2 *.dat*.bmp *.dds *.jpg *.ogg *.tga
  Master of Magic *.lbx*.voc
  Master of Orion *.lbx
  Master of Orion 2 *.lbx*.wav
  Master of Orion 3 *.mob
  Mata Hari *.dat*.dds *.ogg *.wav
  Match Point *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Math Problem Challenge *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Math Speed Challenge *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  MAX *.res
  Max And The Magic Marker *.assets*.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Max Payne [Android]*.msf *.*.mp3
  Max: The Curse of Brotherhood *.assets *.resS*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Maximus XV *.zip
  Maze Lord *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Maze Of Pain *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  McFarlane's Monsters: Evil Prophecy [PS2]*.bin
  MDK *.bni *.mti *.mto *.sni*.wav
  MDK2 *.zip
  Me And Dungeons *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Meadow *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Mech Assault [XBox]*.d1bank
  Mech Commander *.pak
  Mech Commander 2 *.fst *.fst *.pak*.jpg *.tga *.wav
  Mech Commander Gold *.fst *.pak*.gif *.wav
  Mech Rage *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Mech Warrior 2: Mercinaries *.mw2 *.prj*.wav
  Mech Warrior 3 *.zbd*.wav
  Mech Warrior 4: Mercenaries *.mtx *.mw4*.tga *.wav
  Medal Of Honor: Airborne *.u *.uax *.ukx *.umx *.upx *.usx *.utx *.uvx *.xxx*.palette *.texture
  Medal Of Honor: Allied Assult *.pk3
  Medal Of Honor: European Assault [XBox]*.ast
  Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault *.rez *.*.dds *.jpg *.mp3 *.tga *.wav
  Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assult *.rez
  Medieval 2 Total War *.dat *.pack
  Medieval Total War *.lbm *.prf
  Mega Man X Legacy Collection *.arc*.wav
  Mega Man X4 *.arc *.sez*.arc_tex *.wav
  Mega Man X4 [PSX]*.arc*.arc_tex
  Mega Math Blaster *.res *.z*.avi *.bmp *.bmp *.wav
  MegaRace *.dat
  Megatronic Void *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Memetown USA *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Memoranda *.win *.win*.png *.png
  Memoria *.vis *.vc### *.vs###*.ogg
  Memphis *.*.dds
  Men of Valor: Vietnam *.u *.u *.uax *.ukx *.usx *.utx*.palette *.texture
  Men Of War *.pak*.bmp *.dds *.mp3 *.tga *.wav
  Men of War: Assault Squad *.pak*.bmp *.dds *.mp3 *.psd *.tga *.wav
  Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing *.syn
  Mercenaries 2 *.block *.wad
  Mercenary Kings *.pbn *.zxnb*.Texture2D *.wav
  Merri Puzzle *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Merry Snowballs *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Messiah *.dta
  Meta Morph *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Metal Fatigue *.tbd*.impt
  Metal Gear Solid *.dar *.mgz
  Metal Heart: Replicants Rampage *.pkg*.dds *.tga *.wav
  Metro 2033 *.vfs0 *.*.512 *.1024 *.2048 *.dds *.ogg
  Metro: Last Light Redux *.vfs0 *. *.vfs1*.512 *.1024 *.2048 *.dds *.vba
  Metropolis Odyssey *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  MHTML Webpage *.mht *.mhtml
  Michael Jackson: The Experience [Wii]*.bf *.bin*.bin_tex
  Micro Machines 2 *.sfx
  Micro Machines V4 *.piz
  Microsoft Baseball 2000 *.fst*.bmp *.wav
  Microsoft Cabinet *.cab
  Microsoft Casino *.pad
  Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 *.zip
  Microsoft Internet Explorer *.mht *.mhtml
  Microsoft Train Simulator *.ace
  Microsoft Windows Media Player *.zip
  Microsoft Windows Themes *.msstyles
  Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor *.arch05 *. *.embb *. *.pck*.tex
  Middle Earth: Shadow Of War *.arch05 *. *.embb *. *.pck*.tex
  Midnight Club *.dat
  Midnight Club 2 *.dat*.mp3
  Midnight Mysteries 2: Salem Witch Trials *.dat*.dds *.mp3 *.ogg *.png
  Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi *.dat*.dds *.mp3 *.ogg *.png
  Midnight Mysteries 4: Haunted Houdini *.dat*.dds *.mp3 *.ogg *.png
  Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy *.sfs*.ogg *.png
  Midnight Mysteries: Witches of Abraham *.dat*.dds *.ogg *.png *.wav
  Midtown Madness *.ar*.dds *.jpg *.wav
  Midtown Madness 2 *.ar*.wav
  MiG-29 Fulcrum *.pff *.pff *.sbf*.bmp *.pcx *.wav *.wav
  Might and Mayhem *.assets *.resS *.resource
  Mighty Gemstones *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Mii Maker [Wii U]*.arc *.cmp *.cmp*.bmp
  Milky Way Map *.pak*.png
  Millennium 3 *.rgssad*.jpg *.png
  Millennium: A New Hope *.rgssad*.jpg *.png
  Millie *.assets*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Mind Spheres *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Mind: Path to Thalamus *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  MineSweep *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Mini Golf Coop *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Mini Metro *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bytes*.Texture2D
  Mini Motor Racing EVO *.assets *.assets.resS*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Mini Motor Racing X *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Mini Ninjas *.str *.zip
  Minion Masters *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Minions Of Mirth *.zip
  Minit *.audo *.win*.png *.wav
  Minority Report: Everybody Runs *.gz
  Minority Report: Everybody Runs [XBox]*.gz *.pak
  MirrorMoon EP *.assets *.assets.resS*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Misadventures of Laura Silver *.audo *.dat *.win*.png *.wav
  Mission - Wolf *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Mission Force: Cyber Storm *.rbx
  Mission Kelloggs *.ff
  Mission: Impossible: Operation Surma [XBox]*.mpk*.vag *.wav
  MO: Astray *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Mob Enforcer *.rez *.rez*.dtx *.pcx *.wav
  Mob Ties Tokyo *.bin*.dds *.jpg *.png *.tga
  Mobile Forces *.u *.uax *.umf *.utx*.palette *.texture *.texture
  Mobius Final Fantasy *.assets
  Moebius: Empire Rising *.assets *.unity3d*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Molecule: A Chemical Challenge *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Mondealy *.audo *.win*.ogg *.wav
  Monkey Island 3 *.bun
  Monkey Island 4 *.lab *.m4b *.lab *.m4b
  Monopoly Deluxe *.fpf
  Monopoly Tycoon *.bin *.gtd*.tt
  Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia *.u*.palette *.texture
  Monster Puzzle *.assets*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D
  Monster Slayers *.audo *.dat *.win*.png *.wav
  Monster Truck Madness 2 *.pod*.bin *.bmp *.wav
  Monsters, Inc. [PS2]*.skx
  Monstrum *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Monte Christo *.zip
  Monty Python And The Quest For The Holy Grail *.bin *.bin *.bin *.bin
  Monty Python's Complete Waste Of Time *.bin *.bin *.bin *.bin
  Monty Pythons Meaning Of Life *.bin *.bin *.bin *.bin
  Moon Hunters *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Moonbase Commander *.(a) *.cmp *.flfl*.WSOU
  Moonlighter *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.ogg *.Texture2D
  Moonshine Inc *.assets *.resS *.unity3d *.bundle *.bank*.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Moonshine Runners *.pak*.jpg *.tga
  Moorhuhn 3 *.dat
  Mordheim: City of the Damned *.assetbundle *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Morendar: Goblin Slayer *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  MorphX *.pak*.dds *.jpg *.psd
  Mortal Kombat 3 *.ftr*.wav
  Mortal Kombat Armageddon [XBox]*.ssf
  Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance [GameCube]*.ssf
  Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance *.ssf
  Mortal Kombat Deceptions [GameCube]*.ssf
  Mortal Kombat Deceptions *.msx *.ssf
  Mortal Kombat Deceptions [XBox]*.msx *.ssf
  Mortal Kombat Gold [Dreamcast]*.geo *.kat
  Mortal Kombat Trilogy *.snd*.wav
  Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks [XBox]*.afs
  Mortal Royale *.u *.upk *.mo *.*.soundnodewave *.SoundNodeWave *.Texture2D
  Mortyr *.hal
  Moss Destruction *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  Mothergunship *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Motocross Madness *.dat
  Motocross Madness 2 *.tex *.raw *.dat
  MotoGP 15 *.mix*.dds
  MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology 3 *.ark
  MotoRacer *.bkf
  MotoRacer 2 *.bkf
  MotoRacer GP *.bkf
  Motorhead *.pak *.pdi*.iff
  MotorM4X *.dtf *.scn
  Motorsport Manager *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Mountain *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg
  Mountain Troll *.nw *.pak*.png
  Moviehouse *.asar *.pak *.*.flac *.gif *.jpg *.mp3 *.png *.wav
  Moving Out *.assets *.resS *.resource *.abundle *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Mr Jezko *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Mr Robot *.000*.jp2 *.ogg *.wav
  Mr Shifty *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  MTV Music Generator 2 [PS2]*.wad*.tim *.vag
  MTX MotoTrax *.wad*.bmp *.psd *.tga *.vag
  Muay Thai Fighting *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  MudRunner *.zip*.dds *.wav
  Muffin Knight *.assets*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D
  Mugsters *.assets *.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D
  Murazu *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  Murderous Pursuits *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource *.ab*.Texture2D
  Murders on the Yangtze River *.bundle
  Musaic Box *.dat*.tex*
  Must Dash Amigos *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden *.pak*.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Mutazione *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Mutual Secret *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  MVP Baseball 2005 *.ast *.mus *.big
  MX vs ATV Unleashed *.pak*.dxt *.png
  MXGP *.mix*.dds
  My Brother Rabbit *.cub*.bmp *.caf *.ogg *.stex *.wav
  My Car *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  My Coloring Book: Food and Beverage *.assets *.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  My Personal Angel *.pak*.png *.wav
  My Time At Portia *.assets *.resS *.resource *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.Texture2D *.wav
  Myst *.mhk
  Myst 4 Revelation *.m4r
  Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths *.fsb*.wav
  Mysterious Journey 2 *.rez*.dtx *.ogg *.pcx *.wav
  Mysterium *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game [Android]*.assets.split## *.resource *.resource.split## *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects *.cct
  Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst *.cct
  Mystery Masters: Psycho Train Deluxe Edition *.pack*.ogg
  MyTD *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Myth: The Fallen Lords *.gor
  Nadir *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource*.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D
  NaissanceE *.u *.udk *.upk*.SoundNodeWave *.Texture2D
  Nancy Drew: Alibi In Ashes *.dat*.png
  Narita Boy *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank*.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Naruto Yume Online *.rsc*.png *.wav
  Nascar Heat *.res *.trk
  Nascar Racing *.dat*.pcx
  Nascar Racing 2 *.dat*.pcx *.wav
  NASCAR Racing 2002 Season *.car *.dat
  Nascar SimRacing *.mas*.bmp *.dds *.tga
  Nash Racing *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Nash Racing 2: Muscle Cars *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Nation Red *.flm*.jpg
  Naval Warfare *.all *.aqa*.dds
  NBA 2003 *.big *.viv
  NBA 2004 *.big *.viv
  NBA 2005 *.big *.viv
  NBA 2k18 [Xbox 360]*.
  NCAA Final Four *.jam*.bmp
  Need For Gowna *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Need For Speed *.viv
  Need For Speed 2 *.viv*.fsh
  Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit *.viv*.fsh
  Need For Speed Underground *.ast
  Need For Speed Underground 2 *.ast *.ast *.viv *.vp6 *.vp6
  Need For Speed Underground 2 [XBox]*.viv
  Need For Speed: High Stakes *.viv*.tga
  Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 *.viv
  Need For Speed: Most Wanted *.bin *.bin
  Need for Speed: Most Wanted *.bndl
  Need For Speed: Most Wanted *.bun *.vp6
  Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed *.viv*.fsh
  Need For Speed: Pro Street *.bin *.bin *.bin *.bun
  Neighbours From Hell *.bnd
  Neighbours From Hell [XBox]*.rws
  Neighbours From Hell 2 *.bnd
  Neko Navy *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Nemo Dungeon *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Neocron *.pak*.bmp *.dds *.wav
  Neocron 2 *.pak
  Neon Abyss *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Neon Brood *.pak *.*.bmp *.wav
  Neon Hardcore *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.Texture2D
  Neon Space *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.ogg *.Texture2D
  Neon Void Runner *.assets *.assets.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.Texture2D
  NeonGalaxy Wars *.nw *.pak*.ogg *.png *.wav
  NeoSticks *.pak*.png *.Texture2D
  Neoverse *.assets *.resS *.resource *.resource *.*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.ogg *.Texture2D *.wav
  Nephise Begins *.pak*.png *.SoundWave *.Texture2D
  Nerf ArenaBlast *.nrf *.u *.uax *.utx*.palette *.texture *.texture
  Nether *.upk*.SoundNodeWave *.texture2d
  Network Q Rally Championship *.bun
  Neurodeck: Psychological Deckbuilder *.assets *.resS *.resource *.bank *.resource *.*.ogg *.Texture2D
  Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) *.assets *.resS *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.Mesh *.Texture2D
  Neverwinter Nights *.bif
  New Legends *.umd*.palette *.texture
  Next Generation Tennis 2003 *.bin
  Next Up Hero *.assets *.assets.resS *.pak *.resource*.AudioClip *.AudioClip *.flac *.ogg *.png *.Texture2D *.wav
  Nexuiz *.pk3*.jpg *.ogg *.tga *.wav
  Nexus: The Kingdom Of The Winds *.dat*.tile
  NFL Head Coach *.dat*.sch
  NHL 06 *.big *.viv *.zip*.fsh
  NHL 10 [PS3]*.db*.table
  NHL 2000 *.viv*.eng *.cze *.fin *.fra *.swe *.ger *.fsh
  NHL 2000 [PS1]*.dbf *.viv*.psh *.table
  NHL 2001 *.viv *.viv*.fsh *.fsh
  NHL 2001 [PS1]*.asf *.dbf *.dbf *.viv *.viv*.psh
  NHL 2001 [PS2]*.viv*.ssh
  NHL 2002 *.viv*.fsh
  NHL 2002 [PS2]*.viv*.cmb *.ssh
  NHL 2003 *.big *.viv
  NHL 2003 [PS2]*.viv*.ssh
  NHL 2004 *.big *.viv
  NHL 2004 [PS2]*.viv *.viv*.ssh
  NHL 2005 *.big *.viv
  NHL 2008 [PS2]*.viv
  NHL 2K3 [PS2]*.cmn *.wad*.db *.eng *.tm2 *.pvr
  NHL 96 *.viv *.viv*.fsh
  NHL 98 *.viv *.viv