This legal information encompasses all digital media within the following Domains:

  • The watto studios website, as indicated by the prefix in the URL
  • The spicytree website, as indicated by the prefix in the URL
  • The Watto Studios Android applications, as contained under the Watto Studios publisher name within the various Google Play apps and websites


  1. The terms Domain and Domains refer to the locations listed above.
  2. The terms Product and Products refer to all media that is contained within the Domains. This includes, but is not limited to, all source code, software, apps, images, sounds, downloads, and documents. Any media that is referenced by, but does not belong to one of the Domains, is not included in this definition, and sits under the legal agreement of the external media provider. The term refers to the media as a whole, as well as each individual component of the media on its own. The individual components of a media may be, for example, but not limited to, all images and code contained within software or app downloads.
  3. The terms Use, Used and Using refer to any way of interacting with the Product. This includes, but is not limited to, the downloading, installing, viewing, copying, executing, printing, and making available any part of the Product.
  4. The terms User and Users refer to anything that has the ability to Use the Product, even if they are unaware of such Use, or are Using the Product unintentionally. This includes, but is not limited to, humans, animals, and tasks run by a computerized device.
  5. The terms Author and Authors refer to the groups and individuals that have created the Product. This includes, but is not limited to, Michael Watson, WATTO, watto studios, and spicytree.


  1. All Product in the Domains are written by the Author. The Product is copyright of watto studios ©1997-2019, unless otherwise stated.
  2. The Product may only be Used for the intended purpose as defined by the Author at any time. The intended purpose need not be defined up-front, and can change at any time by the Author without communication or consent. Any Use of the Product in a way other than intended by the Author may result in legal action. The Authors cannot, and will not, be held responsible, in any way, legally or otherwise, for any use of the Product, even if Used for its' intended purpose.
  3. The Use of the Product signifies the Users acceptance and adherence to all legal information on this page, and the applicable laws of the Users place of legal residency.
  4. Any company logos, names, trademarks, registered trademarks, copyrights, and other similar media are the property of their related owners, and are used for identification purposes only. All rights reserved. The Authors are not affiliated or associated with any such media, individuals, or companies which appear within the Product, unless explicitly stated.
  5. Some of the Product may contain personal views, personal opinions, and content that may harm, offend, or be deemed inappropriate by some Users. By using the Product, the User agrees that the Authors be removed from all rights and responsibilities, legal or otherwise, related to the Users Use of the Product, including, but not limited to, the interpretation of content. If you find the content inappropriate for any reason, please discontinue the Use of the Product.
  6. Some of the Product contains personal details and information, which remain the sole property of the Author. Any Use of this personal information is illegal and unethical, except when prior authorization has been obtained from the Author. No personal information, including email addresses, names, and phone numbers, may be collected, distributed, or otherwise Used by any User without prior permission being obtained from the Author.
  7. All source code Product, which includes all Product distributed, Used by, or related to the source code Product, is the property of the Author, unless otherwise stated. Permission is granted for the Use of the source code Product provided the User conforms to the terms of the GPL license version 2 or later. The Authors do not make any guarantee of the usability of the source code Product, nor can the Authors be held responsible for the Use of any portion of the source code Product.
  8. The Use of any Product that has its own licensing and/or legal information signifies the Users acceptance of said information, in additional to the terms in this agreement.


  1. The purchase of any Product in the Domains entitles the User to download and Use the purchased Product. Doing so is done at the choice of the User, and removes the Author from any issues that may arise from the Use of the Product.
  2. The purchase of any Product does not allow for any distribution, selling, sharing, or making the Product available to any other User for any purpose.
  3. The Author can not, and does not, provide any guarantee that the Product will be suitable for the Use of the User, nor that the User will be able to Use the Product on their own devices.
  4. If the User wishes to test suitability of a Product before purchase, the evaluation or Basic version of the Product is free for download and Use. No refunds are provided for change of mind, or for Users who have not tested suitability using the evaluation or Basic version of the Product.
  5. The Author makes no guarantee that the Product will work with any other Product, including games, that are listed as being compatible. While the Product was successfully tested for compatibility with other Products at the time of development, other Products can change independently, and there are sometimes different versions of other Products that are released which may be incompatible, such as for different languages. As such, no guarantees can be provided.
  6. All Products come with their own agreement that must also be adhered to. Refer to the individual Product for further information to this regard.