Required Files

Game Extractor requires Java 1.6 to be installed on your computer. Java is available for most operating systems, and is a free download.

Note: Some users have experienced difficulty running Game Extractor on 64-bit versions of Java. If you experience problems, please try installing a 32-bit version instead.

Download Java Runtime Environment
Check Your Version of Java

Game Extractor

Game Extractor is available in Basic and Full versions. The Basic version contains all the main features needed to read game archives, and is a free download. The Full version contains additional features such as writing and manipulating archives, file previews, and a scanner for unsupported archives. The Full version costs just US $5, so there is no reason why you shouldn't purchase it. For more information on the different versions, see the comparison chart.

Download Game Extractor (Basic Version)
Purchase Game Extractor (Full Version) Only $5!

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Additional Packages

Game Extractor (Full Version) can use additional packages to perform more functions. These packages are optional, but they help to make Game Extractor more functional. These packages are written and maintained by other groups.

Java Media Framework
Previews audio and video files such as WAV, MPEG, MP3, MOV and AVI

Full Version Upgrades

If you own Game Extractor (Full Version), you can download the files below to upgrade to the latest version, or you can simply download the full installer again. View the Help/FAQ Page for upgrade instructions.

Version 2.01
Supports another 66 games.